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Don’t Party With The President

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Turns out Barack Obama also can’t throw a party.

From Washington Post:

A Treasury Department farewell bash for outgoing secretary Tim Geithner on Wednesday afternoon was not a wild affair.

That is never a good start to last night’s recap.

This according to President Obama, who told reporters with a grin as he exited the party: ‘They didn’t serve any alcohol.’
‘Still on a budget,’ he explained.

Good thing, though. As our national debt approaches nearly unfathomable numbers*, our president is doing his part by not throwing down $12.95 for a 24 pack of Natty. At the very least you would have thought he could have collected slush money beforehand.

And seriously, how terrible would a pompous D.C. farewell party for the outgoing secretary of the treasury be even with alcohol. That was a miserable place to work at even before it was 16 trillion dollars in debt. Can’t you just imagine the face of John Boehner, or pretty much any other sane politician, walking into this “party.”

Barack: “Greetings John, so glad of you to make it.”

Boener: “Yeah, yeah, cut the shit. Where’s the booze?”

Barack: “Well John, we cut out alcohol from all U.S. Government functions. You see, we’re cutting the budget. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

Boener: “Dammit, Barack…”

This story makes a big-time newspaper like the Post because Obama has come under scrutiny recently for accusations that he can’t relate with congress. He’s responded by throwing “ragers” like this one and trying to convince the media he’s down for a good time.

“I’m a pretty friendly guy, and I like a good party.”

You know what, Mr. President, maybe you were right. Perhaps the lack of alcohol was misleading. Maybe Obama was actually having a “blow out**.”

* U.S. National Debt Clock
** The New York Times

[via Washington Post]

Image via Socialism is not the Answer


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Rex Reagan

Rex Reagan is a contributing writer for Total Frat Move.

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