Drunk Driver Wrecks Car, Attempts To Hide Out In Nativity Scene

Drunk Driver Wrecks Car, Attempts To Hide Out In Nativity Scene

This time of year is all about spreading joy and cheer with family and friends. Most of us do so by indulging in one of God’s greatest gifts to man: alcohol. Subsequently, this time of year is also characterized by an increase in the number of drunk drivers on the road. One such motorist in the UK got festive as fuck when attempting to evade police after crashing his car.

After slamming into a metal barrier on the side of the road, this English driver decided he wasn’t going down without a fight. He probably thought about making a run for it, but knew he wouldn’t get very far. He then scanned the surrounding area for a place to hide. Looking left and looking right, he finally saw a suitable place to lay low for a while.

Though he attempted to conceal himself among the plastic people and animals around him, this drunk driver was unable to blend in with the Nativity scene in which he attempted to hide. The cops saw him almost immediately, largely due to the fact that he is a full-sized, living human being, not a plastic donkey or sheep. As you’d expect, he was apprehended and failed the breathalyzer test.

Honestly, I think the breathalyzer was really just a technicality. I mean, if you think a Nativity scene is a suitable spot to hide out and evade capture, you’re definitely way too drunk to be driving.

After the incident, the guy was roasted on Twitter by people on this side of the Atlantic and the other, because it’s 2015 and that’s what we do now.

From The Star:

“Gold” star to my @NYorksRPG colleagues as one ‘myrrh’ drink driver with no (frankin) ‘cense’ is taken off the road”

More puns followed swiftly:

“@NYorksRPG @andyp05 God arrest ye merry gentlemen” and “Suggest you charge him with Mangerous Driving.”

As well as less-than-flattering comparisons to the drunk driver’s inanimate companions in the Nativity scene, “@NYorksRPG obviously not one of the wise men”

Stay safe out there, guys.

[via The Star]

Image via YouTube

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