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Duke Women’s Center Creates Safe Space For Men Because Masculinity Is Poisonous

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After three lacrosse players were exonerated on charges of sexual assault and their beleaguered coach resigned, Duke University’s Women’s Center still felt it necessary to dismantle the toxic patriarchy apparently still prevalent on campus. Their plan? To create a safe space aimed at bringing dudes together so they can talk about how their manliness is poison to the rest of the student body and a place to work towards subduing their oppressive masculinity.

From The Washington Times:

[T]he project will create an environment in which men can critique and analyze their own masculinity and toxic masculinities [sic] to then create healthier ones. The curriculum is about questioning how you can be accountable to feminism, to the women in your life and to the larger community.

‘I’m excited that we are doing our own part to proactively deconstruct masculinity,’ a member of the group’s leadership said.

Curb your rage. These men and women may be on to something, so let’s take it a step further and offer them some guidance on how to go about achieving these goals.

Bringing young men together just to smother their egos and mold them in your image has long been a staple in higher education. While I’m lost on the “be accountable to feminism” thing, or whatever their bullshit endgame is, I can offer plenty of advice to Duke’s Women’s Center on creating healthy environments by breaking down young guys’ masculinity.

First, you’ll want to strip them of their identities and brand them with new, degrading nicknames that correspond with their insecurities. Adjust their wardrobes as you see fit. It’s essential to force the young men to question their masculinity in addition to their previously-held scruples and preferences.

Next, you’ll want to break their will physically. Wall sits, up-downs, bows and tows — it’s all on the table.

Finally, you need to mindfuck them. Make them believe they’re one misstep from being cast away from the group. Raise your voice with frequency. Chain smoke and drink heavily in front of them. Get in their heads and foster doubt.

Build them back up over time and what you’ll find, after eight to ten weeks, is a cohesive group of young men worthy of your association and eager to broadcast what they’ve learned over that probationary time to the rest of the college world. As long as it’s performed under the guise of social justice, the administration should be plenty accommodating.

[via The Washington Times]

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