School Protestors Enraged Because White People Won’t Voluntarily Leave Campus

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Finally, we might have a campus protest more insane than what happened at Mizzou. Let us rejoice and be glad. Seriously, the protests currently taking place at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington make you wonder if you’re watching 21st century America or a 12th century dystopian society. There’s a lot to unpack in this one, but I’ll do my best to catch you up to speed.

Essentially, there’s an annual “Day of Absence” at the school where black and Latino students leave for the day to highlight their importance on campus. This year, on April 12, they wanted to flip the script and have the white students leave campus.

Biology professor and noted white man Bret Weinstein respectfully responded to the widespread email by saying he wouldn’t be leaving campus, encouraged others not to leave and pointed out the difference between voluntarily leaving campus and forcefully trying to remove others. He was objecting to racial segregation. Insane, right?

That’s when all hell broke loose as roughly 50 protesters came to his class May 23, yelling and asking him to resign. College is so much fun.

Does any learning or reasoning occur on college campuses anymore or is it just kinda a free for all? Like if you get a C, can you just bitch about it loud enough and bring race into then you’ll get it bumped to a B? I’m part Mexican and would truly appreciate some clarity on these rules. Thank you.

Wait, my favorite part is yet to come. Not only has the college president told campus police to stand down, but the professor also had to hold class away from campus in a public park. These protests are much further reaching than this professor, too. Logically, the protesters believe we must sink this whole damn ship.

“Fuck you and fuck the police.”

Eloquent. Subtle. Persuasive. That’s an A+ for you, sir in “Everyday We Get Further And Further From God’s Love” class.

The whole thing is pretty damn depressing when you think about it. Here’s someone with differing views and respectfully expresses those views, and he’s absolutely bombarded by yelling, screaming protesters. There’s no middle ground either. You either agree with the protesters you’re racist.

Professor Weinstein’s op-ed in The Wall Street Journal is worth a read. Hurry and read it now before reading is no longer a requirement in schools but knowing how to throw a damn good protest is.

Godspeed, society.

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