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FAIL FRIDAY: Adderall Withdrawals

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, ten photos, and one video that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

My mom said she doesn’t like me dipping so I held her down and forced an entire tin into her mouth. TFM.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Going to prom after you graduate, and rushing balls instead of dancing with your date. TFM.

Get in there. Rush is year-round.

Making girls count my six pack. TFM.

“Count my fucking abs! Count bitch!”

Melanie Iglesias if you’re on TFM hear me out. If you don’t let me literally pee in your butt I will kill my whole family and yell TFTC. But seriously, I’m a nice guy. I’m in a frat. PIKE OUT. TFM.

The odds of Melanie Iglesias being on TFM are much better than you ever having a shot at fulfilling your urine fantasy, and that’s saying something.

“Hi, nice to meet you. My na-FRAT!!!” ToufratteSyndromeMove.

Really? Come on!

Running into random AA meetings and beer showering the quitters, then slamming down a case of Budweiser Ameri-cans and saying “you’re welcome” and then walking out. TFM.

I bet you’re a habitual line-crosser.

The STD rate going up by 25% every Mom’s Weekend. TFM.

Your moms must be dirty rotten sluts.

Had a diarrhea shart in my room today. Afterwards, in the shower, I used my GDI roommate’s soap bar to clean my asshole. TFM.

This is a flagrant violation of shared shower etiquette.

GDI in line at Chipotle was crowding me, so I turned around and lifted up my shirt and showed him the six shooter on my waist. He backed down and I ordered a burrito bowl. TFM.

Fuck yeah. Chipotle isn’t a mother fucking game.

Getting so drunk that you make a pledge try the elephant march with the frathound and proceed to get a hard-on. TFM.
–North Carolina

At first I thought he was saying the dog got a hard on, but no…he’s talking about himself.

Guy on the right walks into a barber shop: “Yeah give me the Rufio.”

Sneak attack back scratch. TFM.

“You want to touch penis heads?”

He won an award for his appearance in Fail Friday. I’m proud of him.

“What? It wasn’t me! Dude shut up it wasn’t.”

Dunkaroo gone horribly wrong.

Not a single girl and one idiot that either pissed himself or drinks like shit.

Your chapter should study this picture and try to give off the exact opposite vibe during rush.

The look on his face…it’s terrifying.

Fucking weird assortment of individuals.

You only live once that’s the motto A-T-YOLO:

Stop motion chaser:

Six minutes of Kate:

If you missed last week’s Fail Friday, CLICK HERE. Also, TFM Day Rage is TOMORROW (5/12) and Early Bird tickets are $15 instead of $25 at the door, so buy your tickets NOW.

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