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Fail Friday: Better Late than Never

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, five photos and one video, that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty. Sorry for the delay. The course was slow all day.

Don’t call your fraternity a frat, you wouldn’t call your country a cunt. TFM.

We’ve all heard this 100,000 times. It’s the oldest one liner in fraternity history. Drop it.

While double-teaming a slammy, accidentally getting hit by your brother’s juice but not really minding. TFM.

“Not really minding” huh? Guess there’s nothing wrong with a little juice sharing between brothers…

Peeing. NF. Crossing streams. TFM.

Sword fight! TFM. “Just don’t cross the streams.” -Egon Spengler. Total Protonic reversal. NF.

I wrote “Time to suck today’s dick” on the ceiling so when we wake up my slampiece knows exactly what to do. TFM.

Pretty awkward if you ever have someone respectable in your room, like your parents, and “Time to suck today’s dick” is written on the ceiling. TFTC I guess.

Took a virginity last night. Told my fiance about it. She still wants to marry me. TFM.

This is one marriage that will last a lifetime.

All I need to get laid is an emoticon or two. TFM.

LOL dot dot dot I just want a light beer…smiley face

Just iced a pledge in the middle of Econ lecture. TFM.

It’s over, dude. Let it die.

Like father like son, passing out from drinking every night for 34 years. TFM.

Cirrhosis of the liver. NF. Cirrhosis of the liver in a doublewide trailer with Pops. TFM.

I don’t always drink Bud heavy, but when I do, I have bloody diareah all day. TFM.

Wow. You’re pretty sick Chubbs.

Jerking off to Rebecca Black. TFM.

I have literally done this every Friday since that song came out.


No this is not a special needs kid, its just a Legacy

Partying like a freshmen passing out. NF. Cocooning & flouring the freshmen to be reborn as a fratstar. TFM.

Having a toga made out of the most expensive clothes old money can buy. TFM.

fratting it up canada style. TFM.

These people are extremely talented:

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