FAIL FRIDAY: Collegiate Scum

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Below are the best of the worst photos, videos and TFMs sent in by our readers this week. Names have been omitted to protect the guilty, but God sees all shame.

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Starting the new year by getting arrested for public indecency for making stand-up naked love to a snow woman in the front yard of your frat castle. TFM.

Don’t bone the snow, kids.

Using mandatory study hours as an opportunity to crank to Brazilian booty porn in one of the private rooms in the library. TFM.

Sounds tight but probably not worth the potential expulsion.

For fitspo I have one of those shirtless fireman calendars next to my bed. TFM.

How you were led to believe that is a TFM is beyond me. Shirtless doctors, maybe.

Hey guys new reader here. I was wondering how I go about broaching the subject of face fucking with my girlfriend. Any help would be much appreciated. Frat on! TFM.

Time to shut the site down.

This is the year I stop being ashamed of owning a replica lightsaber and start carrying it on my person at all times. TFM.

Ha you big dork.

Have you ever stuck it in a bowl of warm mash potatoes? No? Then save your fucking judgement you’re not better than me. TFM.

Food fuckers stand up.

People say one of the new pledges looks like me. Time to change his face. TFM.

Probably hazing.

Sneaking into her room when her new boyfriend is doing her missionary and mounting him from behind to establish dominance. TFM.

Not the move. I repeat, not the move.

Spending the first two years of college tunneling into the Pi Phi house so you can sneak in and steal armfuls of panties whenever you please. TFM.

You’re like the Andy Dufresne of underpants.

Only recruiting rushes that are less attractive than you so they don’t compete for the tier of ass you’re going after. TFM.

Probably not the best way to ensure your chapter’s future is bright.

Stop convincing chicks to do this.

Now you gotta keep eating it til you die.

Oh no.

Dude you’re drinking poison.

Hell yeah swag.

Crushed that photo.

Props to dude in front for tugging.

Not the hero we want, but the one we deserve.

“Let’s write out ‘TITS’ under our shirts hehe.” -Idiots

Guarantee he smashed.

Bunch of auto-bid ballers.

You okay, breh?

Maybe go up a size on the next t-shirt order.

Squad of dudes just drowning in pussy.

Brotherhood is forever.

It’s 2018 dude your hashtag is hurtful.

Hey man you peed.

21, 21, 21.

That’s not what you want.

He’s sorry okay (@Jacksonhellman)

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Hey Christina, what the fuck

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Look he died (@Collin_slot)

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Friends don’t let friends Juul

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That nose is broken (@benbellamy23)

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Look at this guy, ladies. He’s a snack.(@_pburns)

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Hold it up so we can see it, sir

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Spring break is only two months away

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Got something you think should be featured in Fail Friday? Send it to us HERE.

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