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FAIL FRIDAY: Halloween Hangover

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, twenty photos, and three videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Walked into the Halloween party shirtless. Sorostitute asked what the costume was. Told her I came in my pants. TFM.
-Rhode Island


Trying to join the jewish club on campus dressed up as Hitler for Halloween. TFM.

I’m guessing this ended with you taking a hardcore Hebrew haymaker to the jaw.

Biggest decision pre-Halloween: to spike drinks with roofies or bath salts. TFM.

If you’re asking, I’d prefer roofies in my drink. Thank you.

Dressing up as the dishes for Halloween so all the slams wanna do me. TFM.

What are you? “I’m the dishes. Wanna do me?” SLAP.

My frat makes are pledges carry american flags around. We cal them the pledge of allegiance! TFM.

This guy must have inhaled an entire can of whip-its before submitting this.

The bars might close at 2am, but my slam’s legs are open 24 hours. TFM.

Your slam is a whore. Congratulations.

Flying kites off of the top of the fratcastle to show geeds that we pull. TFM.

I saw y’all doing this. I walked by and I thought, “Damn, those guys fucking pull.”

“Sleeping off the night before ’cause when the sun goes down we’ll be back for more.” Uncle Kracker my friend, that’s the story of my life. TFM.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Wondering who invided the midget, then yelling “Lets get wierd!” TFM.
–North Carolina

I “invided” the midget, you bigot.

Jacking your frat cock up to a semi before the hot female nurse comes in to give you an STD test. TFM.

Well duh. Always jack your frat cock up to a semi when you need to impress.

Kitty’s got claws.

Can’t tell if that’s “Dumb” or “Dumber,” but he’s down.

The facial expression on this shirtless goon gets me every time.

Total Fairy Move. TFM.

The gentleman on the far left appears to have lost his pants.

This is not what Dr. Seuss had in mind.

“God, we look cute. Let’s take a selfie.”

Even if those are pledges, this is just too much homoeroticism.

If you dress like a woman, he’ll treat you like one.

These guys look way too happy to be in those weak ass costumes.

Piss poor effort at a “rush boobs” costume.

His sparkling body is beautiful.

Got a wet spot there, chief.

Don’t lose your arm in there!

Creepy fucking nurse and pathetic Kenny Powers.

In 2001 I would’ve beaten your ass on that GameCube.

I’ve got to start doing bi’s with the guy on the left.

Send this to your national office.

Dat ass.

I can’t tell if they dressed up, or that’s always how they look.

Sig Ep improv:

I Wish I Had An AOPi:

Incredible compilation of girls failing:

Chaser to wash the bad away:

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