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FAIL FRIDAY: House Of Horrors

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, 20 photos, and two videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Eating as many pop tarts as you possibly can during a lecture. TFM

That’s how you gain the respect of your peers. Everyone knows that.

Dressing as a frat boy for Halloween and wearing your everyday attire. TFM.

This is literally one of the least cool things ever typed on a keyboard.

Using life alert to hook up with the paramedics. TFM.

There has to be an easier way to get laid.

So picture this, no homo, Astronomy prof says Pluto isn’t considered a planet anymore because of its insignificant size. I gets up and yells “NO BIDDDDDD!” God damn is that frat. So frat, so college. TFM.

I want to punch your balls up into your stomach.

Danced with 23 girls. Had a red and swollen penis. Thought it was infected. Went to urgent care the next morning and doctors said penis was bruised and traumatized. Limping for another 3 days…on Vicodin. TFM.

Jesus Christ, dude. Take it easy.

So I go up to a pledge and I’m like, “Yo…you got something on your shirt.” This dumbfuck looks down and while he’s vulnerable I flick him in the fucking nose. Fucking pledgetard. #TFM2013 #SuckADickIntern #StuntinLikeMyDaddy #BuckoFama #Blessed #Frashtags
-New York

Something is wrong with you. Like a brain tumor or a missing chromosome or something. Might wanna get that checked out.

Getting a pretty gnar case of frabacne (frat back acne) from franabolic sups. TGymfrat(frat rat)M.

I was unaware that is possible to determine whether or not back acne is frat.

Yelling “fore!” as you drive by the soup kitchen and moon all the people in line. You also shit out the window to show them that you have food to eat and they don’t. TFM.

Clearly he disapproves of soup kitchens and the unfortunate people who attend them.

Making the foreign pledge sing his country’s national anthem and then choking him out while screaming “USA USA USA!” TFM.

Probably considered hazing.

The deaf girl frantically signing for help as you nod your head and hand her a drink as you lead her back to your house to bang. TFM.

Deaf chicks need love too.

Pledge Richard Parker from Life of Pi?

Just Miley being Miley.

It’s FAIL FRIDAY. Welcome, you twat.

Good God, man. Did you eat an entire tub of chili?

Sign in the background is the icing on the enormous cake.

Those girls are kinda HOLY GOD TOP RIGHT CORNER.

Guestbook Pledge.

If invited, I would decline hanging out with this group of people.

Giving Gollum from the Lord of the Rings a bid and letting him work the rush table. TFM.

Pledge caught sleeping in the basement.

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TFM Intern

Never getting promoted.

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