FAIL FRIDAY: Mistakes Were Made

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

Ten real submissions, 20 photos, and three videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Not having any idea of what MLK stands for yet celebrating nonetheless because class got canceled. TFM.

Oh come on! You know! You have to know!

Giving a pledge’s mom the clap…in Sperrys. TFM (Too Funny, Man).

Too funny, man? Listen, you don’t get to decide what the fucking acronym means.

Not knowing what’s tighter, the spirals I throw or the girls I pound. TFM.

You badass, All-American sumbitch.

Saw a Hollister shirt in the store today. I bought it and immediately trashed it to staunch the flow of GDI-ware. TFM.

Did you see that Hollister shirt in a Hollister store by any chance? That’s where they sell those.

Walking from the gym to the house shirtless in a snowstorm so every girl on campus can see your beer belly and know how hard you party. TFM.

Perhaps they will seek warmth in your fat folds.

“Dude, the fuck are you doing?” as you nod your head, hand him a beer and lead him back to your place to bang. TFM.

It’s funny because it’s two bros about to make love.

Making your slampiece drive her Range Rover as your drug mule car while following her in your Tahoe slammed on 26′s. TFM.

Must be his bottom bitch.

Wearing your chemistry lab goggles to bed with your slam because you make her squirt so hard. TFM.

Safety first, I always say.

I don’t always work out (HAH sike), but when I do, which is always, I always make sure to keep a constant full-body flex walking around the gym then post shameless selfies on Dorn’s wall. So frat, so college. TFM.

I despise you with every fiber of my being.

Practicing bow-tying at 2:00 AM just because you have nothing else going on. TFM.

You are try-hard turd scum.

Is this a selfie? How long are his fucking arms?

Forget the haters ’cause somebody loves ya.

Is he? What is he doing?

He exploded from his ass.

He exploded from his mouth.

You can’t even hold their fratty cocks.

When the bathrooms are full, you find a chair to shit in. It’s common sense.

Man down.

DuckTales! Woohoo!

You embarrassing bastard.

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