FAIL FRIDAY: Naked And Free

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Ten real submissions, 20 photos, and two videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

I used to give my frapple sauce (fratty apple sauce) to the hottest piece of ass in my kindergarden class. Been pulling mad gash ever since. TFM.

You sick bastard.

Telling all your bros that your mom poops a lot so they won’t try to bang her on parent’s weekend. TFM.

“I mean yeah guys, my mom is pretty. But she poops like every five minutes.”

Properly manscaping for a big weekend of poundin’ poon. TGIF (Thank God I’m Frat).

You can’t just throw whatever you want on the end of these. TGIF? Fuck outta here.

The “clicky-clack” of the nanny goat’s hooves as you nod your head and feed her some hay as you lead her back to your house to bang. TFM.

Bestiality is fraaaat.

Randomly getting sharp, shooting pains through your frock from an old sex injury. So frat, so college. TFM.

Just as a reminder, frock = frat + cock.

Emptying the house’s fire extinguishers and filling them with margaritas. TFM.

“WE’RE BURNING! WE’RE BURNING ALIVE! These margs are top notch though.”

Documenting the girth of my turds to make sure I’m still in a frat. TFM.

Well that’s really the only way to be sure.

Putting “Brown Eyed Girl” on the iTunes before you toss her salad. RFM.

If you’re going to eat butt, that’s the song to play.

Alumni that drop off 3 full cardboard boxes of porn at the chapter house. TFM.

Ever heard of the internet, chief? Al Gore invented it to avoid creepy alumni porn.

Respectfully showing her dad your monster wang so he will know to buy her a wheel chair, because she will never walk again after you get in that ass. TFM.

“Just a heads up, pops. Yeah…look at it. It’s a monster.”

Looks like one hell of a sausage rager.

I bricked a loaf in my pants when I saw this intimidating gang of outlaws.

Way to handle your liquor, guys.

Goes without saying that the one life this guy has will be awful.

Cute pic.

Man down.

That’s a shameful shit.

He won a trophy for not having all of his teeth.

The opposite of a power point.

The infamous blackout doggy style piss.

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