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This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Below are the best of the worst photos, videos and TFMs sent in by our readers this week. Names have been omitted to protect the guilty, but God sees all shame.

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Eating too many edibles on the lift so ski patrol has to come pick you up because you were trying to roll down the entire mountain. TFM.

Those edibles will sneak up on you player.

Taking cock shots in portrait mode to get all the veins in high quality. TFM.

Very artsy, very thoughtful.

Having your frat hound cremated and sprinkling some of his ashes on every bowl you roast for in 2018. TFM.

Now man’s best friends will live forever in your mind.

Repeatedly having to be rescued by the fire department because when you black out you have a tendency to climb to the top of trees and not be able to get down. TFM.

So you basically transform into a stray cat when you drink.

Naming your penis Mr. Bigglesworth and slapping a name tag on your pubes before hitting the club so whichever babe you take down knows the deal. TFM.

Weird move but you have to respect it.

Every two weeks I shit my pants just to remember what it feels like and stay young in my mind. TFM.

Probably something best kept to yourself.

Your chapter starting your on cryptocurrency called Fratcoin and forcing all the pledges to invest. TFM.

Fratcoin is the next big thing.

Jacking your dong on rollercoasters. TFM.

Like every single one you ride? Can’t enjoy a coaster without jacking? Sad!

Having the secret guilty pleasure of watching Frozen to pregame every night out and knowing every lyric to every song. TFM.

Do you want to build a snowman?

They call me stinky balls cause I have stinky balls who wants to smell my stinky wrinkly balls. TFM.

Kindly show yourself out and never return.

The dab is dead.

Oh no.

Real brothership at its finest.

That’s not how you slide.


Nailed it.

Hard pass.

TUL squad goes so hard.

Great photo, guys.

Seriously, you’re killing the game.

Armed and dangerous.

Seth’s girl is fucking crazy.


Sleep tight on your throne, king.

He’s out of control.

Looking like a snack.

Uhhhhh okay.

They did him dirty.

The trash can is right fucking there, dude.

If peeing your pants is cool, consider him Miles Davis.

When you’ve won 5 out of 9 years, the tattoo is overkill.

The family that ruined Christmas.

Tinkling in your pants just shows everyone that you go hard.

An impressive, possibly record setting keg stand (@kody_teague)

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It’s raining inside – University of Kansas

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Crushed it

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Got something you think should be featured in Fail Friday? Send it to us HERE.

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