FAIL FRIDAY: Rocking A Quarter-Chub

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

Ten real submissions, 20 photos, and three videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Telling your slutty sister to go sleep with rival frat members to see what they’re up to. TFM.

You’re worse than Khaleesi’s brother in Game of Thrones.

Stabbing your friend for “hogging all of the vagina” during a threesome. TFM.

Well, he shouldn’t have been a poon hog.

Naming your dick Joey Gladstone and telling bitches you have a full house in your pants. TFM.

Hell of a pickup line.

Being put on shredder duty at the office because you got caught masturbating in the bathroom. TFTC.

The punishment fits the crime.

Slowly driving by her house late at night. TFM.

Sometimes love is creepy.

Getting pulled over by University Police because you just did leg day and you’re stumbling home. TFM.

That’s why I only do curls and crunches.

Starting a “slut” chant when an ex-slam does a keg stand. TFM.

You’re just coming off as bitter, bro.

Paying extra to defecate on the escort’s breasts. TFM.

Everyone knows you have to pay a little extra to get the good stuff.

Doing 4 cocaines and 3 pots before heading to the frat house. TFM.

You should do some rat poisoning as well.

Throwing a Glee themed party where everyone OD’s on heroin. TFM.

That doesn’t sound like fun at all.

Shameless staring. TFM.

What an eccentric group of winners.

I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for this.

He loves her, she loves he, they’re a happy family.

That’s not how you operate a golf cart!

Da fuq?

Those are for pees, not pukes.

Guy in a frat hoodie, track pants, and sunglasses ices himself while taking a selfie.

He’s cooler than you, and he knows it.

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 11.43.20 AM
Respect the Greek legend.

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