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FAIL FRIDAY: Running The Wrong Way

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, fifteen photos, and three videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

This bitch thought she wanted to suck my toes but she took one lick and sniff of the frat foot and made her realize she never wanted to lick a toe again because my vans boatshoes made my feet smell so bad but im way TFTC. TFM.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

The frat castle’s gloryhole: redefining “balls to the wall.” TFM.

I know what you mean. I want me some glory hole.

On the lean poppin’ rose with a kush blunt. With a bitch, ass fat, see it from the front. TFM.
-West Virginia

I was unaware that Juicy J is a TFM user, but I love when I can see that ass from the front.

Wrapping a koozie around your nutsack and telling your slam to “take a sip.” TFM.

I knew I had heard this before. It’s from the “You Might Be A Tryhard If…” column.

Hot chick unbuttons my pants. Me: “Girl you touch mo’ dick than Sundusky.” TFM.
–Ke’vonte tha Swag Chief

Swag! Swag! Swag!

Being TFTC about the whole “frat” stereotype and just being a geed. TFM.

BTFTCATWFSAJBAG. That’s the new acronym.

Telling your arresting officer, “Whatever they’re paying you, I’ll double it.” TFM.

Five to ten for bribing a police officer is so frat.

Letting everyone know they peasants. TFM.

They peasants, fo sho.

Pissing in the bidet so it pees in her butt for me. TFM.

My Mimi has a bidet, and I’m totally doing this.

Was putting together IKEA furniture in my dorm room with my mom while my geed roommate was playing hackeysack outside, when suddenly the shitty Allen wrench IKEA gives you slipped out of my hands and fell into my mom’s cleavage, so I got it out of there with my teeth. It’s a TFM.
–Devry University

It’s a TFM.

This is what happens when you drink a beer per hole, and try too hard.

Glad he got the Sperrys in there.

Is that a fucking Poké ball on his shirt?

Staying classy during halftime at a Ducks game.

This TKE has some seriously disturbing bumper stickers.

We want YOU, to wear cargo shorts with us.

The best looking composite photo I’ve ever seen.

This tattoo just keeps happening…

Frat. Period.

Rage. Period.

Someone has to keep them from going extinct.


Look at those stupid fucking faces.

Geed up from the feet up.

I posted this pic in TFM Photos for a few days to see what people thought about the least fun game of beer pong ever played. Check out the comments.

Moron picks up botched punt return and runs 58 yards in the wrong direction, other morons tackle him:

Cool football teams.

FIJI at Mizzou continues tradition of creating cringe-worthy music:

Between Mizzou and A&M the SEC’s reputation is in grave danger.

The Fratting:

Jack Nicholson would be honored by the acting in this video.

Double chaser of Brooklyn Decker to wash away the bad:

If you missed last week’s Fail Friday, CLICK HERE, and be sure to check out this week’s TFM Sweetheart, Annie Tagye. Also, with the return of college football comes the return of Dick Perry. Here’s Week 1 of Dick’s Picks.

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