FAIL FRIDAY: So Fratty It Hurts

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Below are the best of the worst photos, videos and TFMs sent in by our readers this week. Names have been omitted to protect the guilty, but God sees all shame.

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Hitting the vape so hard that you pass out and wake up naked on the roof with a hamster in your ass. TFM.

This is why I don’t vape.

Pledges fear me, women want me, men want to be me. TFM.

Kick your own ass for typing these words.

Having a milk chugging competition with your frattiest professor and whooping his ass! Frat!

Hell is wrong with you son?

She had booty, I had mouth, booty + mouth = ASS EATN SZN. TFM.

Can’t argue with that flawless math.

Ass bonging lighter fluid then having your boy hold a lighter to your anus while you rip a big one. TFM.

Tuition dollars hard at work.

Our alumni advisor came in town and found out we were cooking meth in the basement. Whoops! TFM.

That’s not really a “whoops” scenario.

Prematurely ejacking from a glorious handjibber. TFM.

Please keep your sexual experiences to yourself.

Got 2nd in Fortnite so I spiked my controller and broke my flatscreen over my roommate’s head. He died. TFM.

Going to prison because of Fortnite is a damn shame.

Titties out for the boys on Saturday which is for the guys because in secret we take our cocks out and sword fight with them for the kids! TFM.

I don’t even know anymore.

Letting your main squeeze know she has your heart by getting her name tattooed across your shaft for Valentine’s Day. TFM.

That is a mistake, friendo.

Down for the count.

Holy hell have you no dignity?

That’s a debatable statement.

That seems a tad bit unnecessary.

Sleep tight, sweet prince.

The excitement is palpable.

Fist your friend.

Christ this dude has a sword paddle.

Brotherhood is eternal.

Okay ladies now let’s get in formation.

Damn it’s so lit they are about to take the town by storm.

Representing to the fullest.

Crushed that selfie.

Ayyyyy party time!

Oh they gettin’ it.

Unfuckwittable squad.

Guy on the far left is questioning every life decision that got him to this point.

Consider him Miles Davis.

Man down.

S’cute fellas.

IN THE FACE (@jmccauley5)

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Wait for it

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Coming for PyeongChang

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Girls and elevated surfaces, a story as old as time

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Got something you think should be featured in Fail Friday? Send it to us HERE.

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