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Fail Friday: Sperry Blisters

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, five photos, and one video that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Nickelback. NF. Nickelback basically describing my life through the song “Rockstar.” TFM.

That song does have super fratty lyrics (I hope you’re picking up my sarcasm because I’m laying it on pretty thick).

Mandatory chapter bukkake. TFM.

If you don’t do chapter bukkake, what do you do?

Slamming my daughter’s sorority sisters on Alumni weekend. TFM.

This behavior is completely inappropriate for a father.

Using a vodka soaked tampon as a suppository to ensure you still blow a 0.00 BAC. TFTC.

Does anyone know what the fuck he’s talking about?

When sorostitutes do the skinny arm it makes me want to stick my dick in their arm pit. TFM.

Lube that armpit up and give it a good sexing.

My slam asked why I came in her after she asked me not to. Well, my dick is allergic to vagina so it sneezed. TFM.
-North Carolina

Your dick needs a cortisone shot.

Getting fucked up on Muscle Milk martinis. TFM.

This is such a clever variation of an old joke.

Putting a brother in a cold shower, leaving for Huddle House, and coming back 45 minutes later to find him passed out on top of the drain with his room flooded and the roof leaking water downstairs into the chapter room. TFM.

Great idea. Next time someone’s passed out, put them in a full bathtub.

Last week I lost a condom when performing the quick pull out, remove condom, and re-insert move on some random. My penis found it today when she asked for 2nds. TFM.


What we have here is three stone cold pimps.

Multiple men participating in “The Little Boy Pee.”

Slip-n-slide? More like flop-n-slowly-jiggle-a-few-feet.

At least he got his zipper down before pissing his shorts.

This pledge centipede reeks of heterosexuality.

I’ve been saving this all week. Kid wants a formal apology from Rainbow and Sperry:

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TFM Intern

Never getting promoted.

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