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FAIL FRIDAY: Thanksgiving Mishaps

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, 19 photos, and two videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Having a penis so small that you actually tighten vaginas. TFM.

Thank you, from the rest of us.

Got my midterm test results back. Two A’s, three B’s and a C in hepatitis. TFM.

Hepatitis is a middle-tier frat disease.

Sticking your little sister’s Barbie dolls in the frat cat’s anus, mmmmm just like that. TfratcatanusblasterM.

I didn’t know Barbie rolled that way.

“Hey Mom, do we have any beer?” “No, but I made pumpkin pie.” “What kind of frat is this?” TFM.
-New Hampshire

You are the black sheep of your family, and your beer-less family is a bunch of losers.

Not remembering the last time you had sex, even though it was last night. TFM.

Good one, Witty McCleverstein.

Exam at 9am, pulling an all-nighter at the hookah lounge. TFM.

I bet you got bubblegum flavored hookah, you swamp hipster.

Going through pledgeship but getting blackballed during hell week. AlmostFratMove.

Getting a bid, but then your dad telling you he can’t afford to pay your dues. AFM.

Going to a party with a condom already on. TFM.

Safety first.

Slam wanted to know why her asshole got so numb after I nailed her while she sat on the coffee table. TFM.

Because your coffee table was allegedly covered in cocaine residue? You fucking liar.

Pouring grain alcohol into your 4-year-old cousin Stephanie’s juice box at Thanksgiving dinner and blaming Pocahontas when she gets alcohol poisoning. TFM.

That’s how The Battle of Little Bighorn started.

The permanent boat shoe.

Bert Kant Slaybox’s composite picture.

He just buried his head in that ass.

That dog looks underage.

Doing the worm in filth. TFTC.

This looks like a good time.

Come on man, leave something to the imagination.

The ole thumb-through-the-fly trick gets the ladies every time.

Don’t miss the chest frat tat.

These guys took the theme way too far.

Thanks for sending in this picture of your fucking cat with your fucking Sperrys.

“AYYYYYYYY!” -Kevin Gorman

It’s drawn to scale.

“Get Reagan’s sig tatted on your ass, bro.” -This Guy’s Bad Friend

This is how you win Mr. Greek.

I’d slide that dress down and give those mounds a little sucky-sucky.

The shame of getting a handy in a Pac Man t-shirt was too much, so he hid his face.

Spiderman’s super power is photobombing while violently shitting his pants.

Kappa Sig’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Anthem to Jon Gruden, “Hey Grude”

Chaser to wash the bad away:

The entire first chapter of the TOTAL FRAT MOVE book is online now, read it here.

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