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This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, ten photos, and two videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

Tackling your little cousin in a family flag football game just so you can grab her tight ass. TFM.

Come on man. Really?

Asking a girl if she’s ever had sex with a millionaire. After she replies that it’s on a her bucket list, telling her to go ahead and check that off. TFM.
–South Carolina

I hope she punched you in the tip of your dick.

My sister told this dude she fucked that he got her pregnant, pocketed the $400 he gave her for an abortion, went out partying with the money and ended up fucking his best friend. TFM.

Good for your slutty sister.

Getting a boner walking up to take communion during mass and not tucking it. TFTC.
–South Carolina

Be careful, everyone knows boners are like catnip to Father Richard.

The family that preys together stays together. So my big bro, little bro and I roofie girls together like a pack of frat wolves on a sexual hunt. TFM.

I’m pretty sure it’s the family that “prays,” and you’re going to prison.

If you see a bunch of slim, fit dudes with carved up abs walking funny in Boston this weekend it’s because I’m in town. TFM.
–New York

I don’t even know.

Got kicked out of my fraternity for selling morphine suppositories to the pledges. Sorry for wanting them to get through bows and toes without any pain. TFM.

As ridiculous as this is, I still have to ask. Why suppositories?

Bought coke from a dealer on Bourbon Street. It ended up being straight baking soda. I snorted it all anyway. TFTC.

I wish he’d sold you crushed up rat poisoning.

Bow ties are NF. You can’t tie them around your door knob while wearing them and masturbating. If I can’t stranglebate in the fucking thing then what’s the point? Regular ties. TFM.

Just make sure you have a spotter. Safety first.

When I was little I wanted to be an astronaut, but I made horrible grades in science and my mom told me to lower my expectations. Well now I’m a fratsronaut and I see fratstars everyday so fuck you mom. TFM.

Easily one of my favorite TFM fails of all time.

That shirt makes him look frat.

Just because Bubba won the green jacket doesn’t mean you have to tattoo him on your leg.

Don’t worry, I think that’s puke not poop.

Is that an Alpha Phi Omega protesting in the Philippines?

Original caption: The Make-A-Wish Foundation sponsored our trip to NOLA. RIP Terminal Timmy.

The first TFM Sailboat tattoo ever documented.

Followed by the first TSM lip tattoo.

Lean with it, rock with it.

Making sure your date knows where your dick is. TFM.

Mystic Tan, where real fratstars go to get their bronze on.

Incredible fail compilation featuring a frat backflip at the 3:07 mark

What’s Fail Friday without a horrible fraternity music video?

Kate Upton’s Easter bunny chaser, to wash away the bad:

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