Father Takes Revenge On ISIS After They Kill His Son, Kills 7 Of Them

Father Takes Revenge On ISIS After They Capture And Kill His Son

ISIS is, as I’m sure you all know, the most fucked up group of people on the planet right now. Fortunately for the rest of the world, there are some brave people out there doing everything they can do to halt ISIS in its tracks. Eighteen-year-old Ahmed Basil Ramadan, an undercover agent for the Iraqi government, was one of the countless individuals who stood up against the evil that is ISIS. Sadly, Ahmed Ramadan’s cover was blown while he was trying to infiltrate some of ISIS’ most secretive security elements and was taken into captivity.

I don’t need to tell you what these nefarious motherfuckers do to those they capture. I’m sure you’ve seen videos and pictures. They’re absolutely inhumane and have no respect for human life whatsoever. Ramadan, along with seven other hostages that ISIS had taken, were dressed in orange jumpsuits, taken to a secluded area, and executed one by one with a shot from a pistol to the back of the head. As they usually do, the vile ISIS sonsofbitches posted videos of the executions online. Ahmed’s father, Basil Ramadan, saw one of these videos.

Infuriated and filled with what I can only imagine was a fiery rage, the father sought revenge — and he got it. Grabbing an AK-47, he fearlessly attacked an ISIS security checkpoint by himself. With no regard for his own life, Basil Ramadan fired shot after shot in the direction of the depraved ISIS thugs manning the checkpoint. In doing so, he managed to kill seven before he was eventually taken down by return fire.

Though he died, Basil Ramadan avenged his son, and, in the process, took seven of the worst people out.

Fuck terrorism.

[via IJ Review]

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