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Feminists Want To Abolish College Football Because Game Day Equals Rape

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According to feminists, college football causes rape — and I’m not talking about what happens to UCF every time they take the field.

A recent study found that college game days lead to an increase in alcohol-related crimes, including drunk driving, public drunkenness, liquor law violations, and sexual assault. This is the case with every gathering that involves large amounts of men and women and alcohol, but, of course, several far-left media outlets glossed over that fact and went right for the “COLLEGE FOOTBALL CAUSES RAPE” headline, including The Huffington Post and New York Magazine.

As Breitbart points out, many of the statistics are shoddy at best. The data is taken from local law enforcement agencies, which have jurisdiction over the seediest parts of town as well as the college campus. This makes the study’s calculation of college football causing an additional 253-770 rapes per year largely inflated.

The “regret equals rape” mentality circulating the collegiate zeitgeist undoubtedly bumped up the numbers as well. Keep in mind, the study considered only reported — not proven — instances of rape.

Even with inflated numbers, the significance of the findings are still highly questionable.

They also have to gerrymander the statistics. Under normal measures, the alleged “spike” in sexual assaults discovered by the researchers would not be considered statistically significant. But, inexplicably, the researchers set themselves a lower bar for significance.

A 5 per cent test of significance is the standard for most studies outside medicine – but the researchers couldn’t make it, so they increased it to 10 per cent. Can’t hit the bullseye? Just make it bigger!

Let’s pretend the findings were significant. Why would feminists target college football games rather than any other large, booze-fueled congregation that leads to rape, like music festivals? Because blaming college football, just like blaming fraternities, allows feminists to play up the idea of “toxic masculinity.” They want women to believe that when men watch other men slam into each other at high speeds and beat their chests on the field, they are flung into a primal rage which can only be satisfied with violent and unwilling sex. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME REF!? QUICK! SOMEBODY BRING ME A VAGINA! I’M SUDDENLY IN THE MOOD FOR A GOOD RAPE!”

With the logic at play here, an alternate headline to “College Football Games Cause Rape” might as well be “If You’re A Woman And You Go Outside, You Will Be Raped, And You Will Die.” Feminists are trying to make college women as scared as possible to promote their agenda, when in reality, college campuses are some of the safest places a woman can be — and a football game doesn’t make that any less true.

[via Breitbart]

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Alex Buscemi

AKA Boosh. Former high school back-up wide receiver. Author of two pretty successful Reddit comments. Recent grad from the University of South Carolina.

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