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Filthy Rich Doctor Drops $135,000 At Strip Club, Denies Ever Being There

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I’ve always thought of doctors as heroes. They’re highly skilled, they’re extremely knowledgeable about their profession, and they work to better the lives of their patients. In some cases, they even get to save their patients’ lives. They have very stressful jobs, so when they aren’t at work, you’d think they like to kick back and relax, right? One doctor did just that, and the way he did it will make him your hero.

Dr. Zyad Younan, a cardiologist working at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, needed to relax. After all, he had worked long hours providing life-saving care to his patients. He didn’t go on vacation and he didn’t hit up the golf course. Instead, he (allegedly) went to a high-end strip club on Manhattan’s West Side. Why do I say allegedly? Because Dr. Younan denies he ever went there.

You might wonder why the doctor claims he wasn’t there, but if you were in his shoes, you might do the same thing. Or maybe you’d brag about it. See, Dr. Younan supposedly dropped about $135,000 at the strip club called Scores New York in just four visits last November. You might think to yourself, “How the hell could you drop that much money in one place in such a short period of time?” Well, I’ll let the eyewitnesses answer that one for you.

From the NY Daily News:

“He had five girls at a time. This guy is insatiable. I can’t even count to five,” the source said.

Alright, aside from the fact that this “source” can’t count to five, I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. I mean, I’m sure a lot of people party with five strippers at once, right? So why in the hell is this guy denying everything instead of bragging about it?

He doesn’t want to foot the bill.

Dr. Younan doesn’t want to pay the enormous tab because he says he wasn’t ever there. Of course, the club’s owners are obviously fairly upset about this situation, so they’re filing suit against the good doctor. That’s right. They’re taking the man to court for an unpaid titty tab.

How is the doctor defending himself? Well, aside from simply saying he wasn’t there–which seems kind of farfetched, considering he was allegedly there four times in one month–Younan claims that if he was there, he must have been drugged by club employees in order to make him spend more money.

In my completely non-expert opinion, this guy is fucked. Numerous sources reported seeing Dr. Younan at the club on the nights in question, there is video evidence of him being there, and the guy definitely has the kind of money to blow at a strip club of this caliber. Honestly, the whole drugging excuse won’t fly, either. I mean, would you really go back another three times if you were drugged once?

Admit it, doc. You blacked out, spent a little too much, and now you’ve got buyer’s remorse. Hell, we’ve all been there, man. It’s just part of life. You drink too much, spend too much at the titty bar, and then you wake up regretting it all. They have your AmEx on file, they have video footage of you, and you went four times in one month. I’m a fan of the “deny til you die” policy, but shit, man. That can only get you so far.

My advice to you, Dr. Younan, is to fess up, pay the tab, continue being the rich badass that you are, and as always, start drinking heavily.

[via NY Daily News]

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