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Florida Rep. Alan Grayson Throws Hissy Fit, Tells Harry Reid To Say His Name

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Florida Rep. Alan Grayson Throws Hissy Fit, Tells Harry Reid To Say His Name

Congressional meetings are usually boring. Anyone who’s had to watch an hour of C-SPAN for a political science class can tell you that. Sometimes, though, a representative turns into a man-child and starts spouting off at the mouth. That was the scene Wednesday on Capitol Hill when Florida Representative Alan Grayson lost his temper at Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. Apparently Reid, a senior U.S. Senator from Nevada, has been calling Grayson out over the past few months for shady financial ethics. Grayson, in typical progressive fashion, decided to throw a temper tantrum.

From NBC News:

During a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill Wednesday, liberal firebrand Rep. Alan Grayson angrily confronted Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid over the senator’s decision to back a different candidate in Florida’s Senate race, according to three sources in the room. Reid fired back by expressing his “low opinion” of Grayson.

The outburst prompted a Reid staffer in the room to bring in the senator’s security detail, who stood inside the door during the rest of the meeting as a precaution.

Reid met with members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, but when Grayson was called on to speak, he repeatedly asked Reid if the senator knew his name.

“Yes, Alan,” Reid replied.

“Say my name,” Grayson insisted more than once.

Sources didn’t report if Grayson took this opportunity to spit the new track off his mixtape “Liberal Firebrand Diaries,” but it doesn’t appear he was given the chance. Other members of the caucus chimed in, telling Grayson to step off and drop the issue, and Reid’s security team was called in as a further suggestion to shut the fuck up.

It turns out that all of this goes back to Grayson currently being investigated by the Congressional Ethics Committee for embezzling money through the Cayman Islands. When what’s-his-name asked Reid why he was spreading “lies,” Reid quickly chimed back that it was “because it was true and I want you to lose.” Damn, Harry. Way to put all those cards on the table, my man. Big ups to the minority leader for being a man and calling this stooge a stooge to his face. Reid’s office later released a statement that the Congressional Ethics Committee is sitting on seventy-four page of documents about Grayson’s misdeeds. It looks like Grayson isn’t quite as “progressive” as he brands himself.

Not one to let sleeping dogs lie, Grayson’s office released a statement about the incident.

“Calling out the Establishment is never easy, and it’s not always polite. I had a rare moment to challenge the lies that Sen. Reid has spread about me, and Sen. Reid made it clear that he’s too heavily invested in the Republican sock puppet he’s calling a Democratic Senate candidate to consider the truth of the matter,” he said. “Sen. Reid ought to learn that ‘I want you to lose’ is no excuse for a gross smear. But the air is cleared.”

Sounds like someone got called out in public and couldn’t fire back with anything but some Destiny’s Child lyrics. Way to hide behind a statement from your office, guy, because Senator Reid just packed your shit.

[via NBC News]

Image via YouTube

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