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Former Mizzou WR T.J. Moe Says Mizzou Lost 2009 Texas Bowl Because the Players Were Hungover AF

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And here I thought Mizzou’s former DC Dave Steckel was just bad at game planning for an option based offense. Good to know the reason I was screaming at my television one December afternoon in 2009 as Navy went on one 10 minute long touchdown scoring  possession after another while Mizzou just sort of sat there and played with themselves was actually because Mizzou’s players had been getting sloppy shit-housed all week in downtown Houston.

Former Mizzou wide receiver T.J. Moe, now a columnist for Gridiron Now among other sports commenting endeavors, gave a solid, no bullshit rundown of how players, specifically Mizzou players, prepare for bowl games. They do it by drinking. A lot.

Heck, we didn’t have a curfew until three days before the game. So what do 20-year-old kids do with that much freedom? Stay out until 3 a.m. and drink too much. I don’t drink, so staying out late and getting drunk wasn’t my thing, but it’s every normal 20-year-old’s thing. I remember the first day we had practice in Houston, 90 percent of our roster was hung over. It was like an episode of “The Walking Dead.” To this day, it remains the worst practice I’ve ever been a part of. Incidentally, we got pummeled 35-13 by Ricky Dobbs and Navy that game. Wonder why?

For the record, I think that’s the exception, not the rule. We had a great week of practice and played really well at both the Insight Bowl vs. Iowa and Independence Bowl vs. North Carolina while I was in school, but guys still were out getting hammered early in the week.

Based on Blaine Gabbert’s mind blowing, reason defying, game losing pick six at the end of the Insight Bowl, he may very well have been blacked out during the game.

This definitely explains why Maty Mauk was seen puking on the sideline during last year’s Citrus Bowl, which happened to be on New Year’s Day. Mauk is white trash royalty, though. Every Mizzou fan in the country already knew what was going on there. Guy probably grabbed a warm Busch from the night before off his hotel dresser for hair of the dog just to get his head right when he woke up that morning.

Apparently the week long vacation benders aren’t just a Tiger thing though.

I’ve talked to players from schools in every conference. Every single player loves the bowls, and most every team acts the same way during bowl week with the exception of the playoff teams, who treat the game like they would a regular-season game. No going out, extra studying, laser focus in practice.

This is all pretty unsurprising. These guys are college kids on vacation and coming off a brutally difficult semester. They have to blow off some steam somehow. That might explain why Alabama gets consistently dominated in the Sugar Bowl. Those Tide boys are out on Bourbon all week, downing hand grenades and blowing all the money boosters secretly gave them on back room strip club beejers. 

Really can’t complain about student-athletes acting like college students. My entire college career was my irresponsibility wasting someone else’s money in a roundabout way.

[via Gridiron Now]

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