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Report: Former USC Med School Dean Raged Hard With Drugs, Alcohol, Money, And Hookers

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usc trojan med school dean

Here’s about as insane a report as you’ll likely see this year. Earlier today, the Los Angeles Times dropped a bombshell of a story on Dr. Carmen A. Puliafito, the former dean of USC’s med school. The report doesn’t exactly paint the former dean in a very kind light when compared to his fellow academics. In fact, it makes your weekend — no matter how hard you think you Jordan Belfort’d it — look tame as shit.

From Los Angeles Times:

The Times reviewed dozens of the images.

Shot in 2015 and 2016, they show Puliafito and the others partying in hotel rooms, cars, apartments and the dean’s office at USC.

In one video, a tuxedo-clad Puliafito displays an orange pill on his tongue and says into the camera, “Thought I’d take an ecstasy before the ball.” Then he swallows the pill.

In another, Puliafito uses a butane torch to heat a large glass pipe outfitted for methamphetamine use. He inhales and then unleashes a thick plume of white smoke. Seated next to him on a sofa, a young woman smokes heroin from a piece of heated foil.

I spent all Sunday writhing in pain because I took a few too many shots and spent a little too much money the night before, and this 66-year-old doctor is taking enough Molly to kill a small herd of water buffalo then going about his business the very next day. Goddamn impressive if you ask me.

The insanity doesn’t stop there. The investigation supposedly all started after the Los Angeles Times learned about an apparent overdose in a hotel room that Puliafito was (allegedly) in.

From Los Angeles Times:

… Sarah Warren … was the woman who overdosed in the Pasadena hotel room. She told The Times she met Puliafito in early 2015 while working as a prostitute. She said they were constant companions for more than a year and a half, and that Puliafito used drugs with her and sometimes brought her and other members of their circle to the USC campus after hours to party.

“He would say, ‘They love me around here. The medical students think I am God,’” Warren said.

She said she and Puliafito had been partying at the hotel for two days. Then she “took too much GHB” — gamma-hydroxybutyrate, the so-called date-rape drug that some users take in lower doses for its euphoric effect. Warren said the drug left her “completely incapacitated.”

After she awoke in the hospital six hours later, Puliafito picked her up, and “we went back to the hotel and got another room and continued the party,” she said.

I… I just don’t even know. This old man is (allegedly) raging his goddamn face off, (allegedly) banging hookers, and is/was (allegedly) seen as a God on the USC campus. I’ve hosted and attended my fair share of parties, but nothing even relatively close to this degree. I (very happily) can’t recall a formal where someone overdosed a tad, passed out, went to the hospital, then just got a different hotel room six hours later and partied on like nothing happened.

There’s a massive amount of other shit to unpack from this report, but, due to fair use laws and my own laziness, you’ll have to check out the Los Angeles Times report for yourself to read about it.

I’m not sure about what you think, but I have a feeling applications to get into USC’s med school are about to skyrocket.

[via Los Angeles Times]

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