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Fox News Interviews Bernie Sanders Supporters To See If They Know Anything About His Politics, They Don’t

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Bill O’ Reilly sent “The Factor” correspondent Jesse Watters to New Hampshire to ask Bernie Sanders supporters questions about the presidential candidate and his policies, and most of them were clueless.

Note: You can do this with just about any candidate and their supporters.

Most political activists spend a lot of time regurgitating information they hear on TV or read online. It’s just the way it goes. That doesn’t make it any less funny when they get humiliated about not knowing the basic tenants of democratic socialism on national TV, however. That shit will always be funny.

My personal favorite is the chick who immediately recognizes that she is about to play the part of the fool for this guy’s segment and tries to back her way out of it. Unfortunately for her, that didn’t work. I also appreciate watching a lot of these people hesitate on topics before attempting to rebroadcast what they saw on MSNBC the night before.

I would say 90 percent of people can’t help but look stupid when talking about politics, leaving the 10 percent who ignore political conversations looking like the smartest guys in the room.

[via Fox News]

Image via Fox News

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