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Fraternity And Sorority In Trouble For CMT Versus BET Party

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Here’s the thing about all these news stories about Greek organizations throwing racially insensitive parties: it’s getting mind-numbingly tedious to write about.

At first, these incidents were admittedly funny to report. Not because of the offensive party themes–I want to make that clear. Rather, what made me personally laugh about these stories was the audacity of the partygoers to be stupid enough to not only throw these themed events (let alone in 2014) but to be dumb enough to throw photographic evidence up on social media.

After you see 50 or so of these stories, however, coming across yet another one of these pieces just sucks the energy right out of you. I’m starting to feel like a chapter advisor, you guys. I’ve skipped feeling any emotion over the latest incident, and have gone straight to feeling exhausted. Feel me? I’m in complete “What is it this time?” mode.

Considering how all of these pieces are exactly the same, I decided to do all the other writers a favor and streamline this whole process for your convenience. To save time and effort for the next person, I’ve created a generic fill-in-the-blank form to fill out whenever one of you, yet again, fails to learn your lesson. You’re welcome.

The Greek organizations Phi Delta Theta and Phi Sigma Sigma at McDaniel College / University (PICK ONE) are in trouble for a racially insensitive open party / mixer (PICK ONE).

The theme of the party was CMT versus BET. The women in attendance wore plaid shirts and cowboy boots, while the men in attendance wore gold chains and baggy pants.

The administration has come out and said that this party was (insert disgusted adjective) reprehensible.

Stop acting like racist idiots, and for the love of God, please resist the urge to put that employment-killing selfie on Facebook.

Hope this form helps, idiots. I’m sure you’ll need it next week.

[via Opposing Views]

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J Parks Caldwell

J. Parks Caldwell is a senior contributing writer for Total Frat Move, Rowdy Gentleman, and Post Grad Problems. He frequently blesses the rains down in Africa.

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