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Fraternity Brothers With No Previous Interaction Forced To Hangout Due To Limited Summer Options

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ORLANDO — An unlikely companionship is budding over at the Tau Mu house between 5th-year senior Jerry “Jumbo Jet” Jennings and sophomore member Tim Bennett. Only ever head nodding while passing each other in the hallways or out at the bars before Tuesday, the two have since joined forces to combat the summer lull.

“I think I might have seconded his motion to close in chapter once,” recalled a pondering Jennings. “Yeah… that sounds like something I’d do.”

“When I tried to introduce myself at rush he just handed me his empty beer and walked away,” Bennett told TFM. “With a 150 man chapter, we hadn’t really crossed paths since.”

But with the majority of brothers either back home for the summer or moving out of the house, Bennett and Jennings are becoming more familiar with one another by the day. Hungover and sprawled out on the couches in the lounge half-heartedly watching Wimbledon, Bennett broke the ice by asking Jerry if he was hungry.

“He just kind of grunted at first, but after a few minutes he finally cracked.”

“I had plans on hitting up Panda Buffet,” said a salivating Jennings. “But when Schmitty, Hanahan, and Greenberg didn’t answer my texts, I knew I was in a desperate spot. And I figured it couldn’t be worse than watching one more second of tennis.”

The next hour and a half was filled with sparse observation-based conversation and all-you-can eat lo mein, but both Bennett and Jennings seemed to be at least tolerant of the other’s company. This was evident when Jennings actually approached Bennett at World of Beer later on in the day.

“I think the turning point was when Jerry saw the girls I was with at the bar,” voiced a boastful Bennett. “He warmed up to me in a hurry after that.”

“What can I say? Game respect game. And if getting laid meant putting up with that toolshed for a few more hours, so be it.”

Jennings capitalized on Bennett’s sorority connections, going home with Kelly “Dyson” Davis.

“I thought she sucked my piece clean off. God bless that little fucker Tim and God bless his busty friend’s mouth.”

Bennett is optimistic about the progress he’s made with the upperclassman, but is realistic in his expectations moving forward.

“I know once the fall semester starts, and everyone’s back in town, it’ll probably go back to the way it was before. But for the time being — as the great Billy Joel once said — we’re sharing a drink they call loneliness, but it’s better than drinking alone.”

“Jesus, he said that?” asked a disgusted Jennings. “How did we not ball this kid?”

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Dan Regester

Dan Regester @Dan_Regester is a Senior Writer, Podcast Host, and Video Guy for Grandex Media. He's Delco trash to the core and a UCF cinema studies graduate because he never got around to applying to an actual film school. Dan is a gambling man, crypto investor, and procrastinator. He enjoys long walks to the water fountain between bench press sets and is not a fan of the homeless, the elderly, or the Phoenix Airport. Email tips to

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