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Frozen Beer Cap May Keep Your Beer Cold For Longer

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The Japanese are good at a lot of things. They make great gaming systems, have a pretty solid grip on the raw-yet-somehow-still-edible-fish market, and produce incredibly weird game shows. Now, they’ve got one more area of expertise to add to their résumé: they’ve made a frozen beer.

At first glance, I thought what many of you are thinking. For one thing, that just sounds stupid. Secondly, haven’t we all done this? You know how it goes. You’re drunk, have a warm case of Bud heavies you want to drink, and you decide to cool them down quickly by leaving them in the freezer for a bit. Sadly, they get forgotten and you’re left with a beer flavored snow cone.

Apparently, this new beer, made by Japanese brewer Kirin, isn’t frozen in the traditional sense of the word. Rather, the foam is the frozen part. Made by a special machine, the freezing foam serves as an insulator, keeping your beer colder for longer.

Supposedly, the foam cap will just melt into the beer without diluting it and ruining the taste, but I still have my doubts. Those who just can’t wait for the foam to melt have reported that they bit through the head to get to the beer below.

Consumers have reported that the frozen foam kept the beer cold for nearly a half hour during the heat of a summer day. Say what you will, but that’s pretty impressive.

In the end, this beer probably won’t become a staple of your diet, nor will it replace your house beer. However, you never know what the future holds. For all we know, this could be the next step in the evolution of beer. Science, man.

[via Fox News]


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