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Get Out There And Hit The Links This Summer

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Golf is so much more than a game. The combination of the great outdoors, alcoholic beverages, competitive nature, and endless ball-busting that comes along with a round of golf is a recipe for a good time.

Social media consumes our lives far more than we should allow it to. We sit around and admire what our friends are up to, and by admire, I mean judge every single thing they did without us. It’s similar to the way we keep tabs on celebrities. I don’t know Leonardo DiCaprio, but I know where he went this weekend and who he slept with (not bad, Leo, not bad at all) from what I find online. We have actual relationships with our friends, yet we find out what they did from a Snapchat story and who they slept with from an Instagram post of the date they brought to a wedding (I’ve seen better).

You want to know what’s better than staring at a cellphone screen? A perfectly manicured golf course in a secluded area. Round up your buddies, grab a 30 (or two) and hit the links. That’s a hell of an easier way to catch up with your pals than scrolling through a news feed. Give me a round with friends and twice on Sunday over any other plans. You don’t have to be a Jordan Spieth caliber player to have a good time. Sure, that double bogey on a short par-4 hurt, but that’s nothing shotgunning a beer on the next tee box can’t cure.

There’s something about sitting in those golf carts that makes guys open up as if they are laying down on a shrink’s couch, though these are the types of stories and thoughts that would cause a shrink to have to see one of their own after being heard. This is guy code talk that is only experienced on the golf course and at bachelor parties.

One thing you’ll notice on social media outlets is that they are always recommending friends for you. They usually end up being someone you’ve crossed paths with at some point in your life. Maybe even someone you are purposely trying to not reconnect with — a one-night-stand, an aunt, or your 9th grade earth science teacher. Golf, once again, gets the edge in this department.

Friends are busy? So what? Hit the course by yourself. That’s the beauty of the game. You never know who you’ll get paired up with. Could be anyone from a World War II vet, a budding young entrepreneur, swimsuit model photographer, or a Wall Street broker.

Forget about LinkedIn as the digital source for business purposes and career advancement; the golf course is where it’s at. A round of golf takes some time. Why give someone an elevator pitch at a business meeting when you can schmooze them over all day long with a beer in hand? Who knows, maybe you’ll end up being randomly paired with someone who is already working in your desired field. It’s not a far-fetched occurrence. People hit hole in ones all the time; why can’t you land a dream job after fixing someone’s slice? To be honest, it’s hard for me to say if I would rather hit a hole-in-one or land my dream job at this point.

Hit ’em straight, my friends.

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If you take everything I've accomplished in my entire life and condense it down into one day, it looks decent!

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