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Girls Tell All: What Causes You To Friend Zone A Guy?

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Girls Tell All

The friend zone is like the neutral zone in football — oftentimes you don’t realize you’re in it until it’s too late.

You can’t do much once you’re already in the friend zone, so your best option is entrance prevention. What can you do to prevent yourself from a one-way, against-your-will trip to never-loved land? Still not much, as you’ll soon discover, but finding out what causes girls to put you there in the first place is about as close as you’re going to get to anything resembling advice on the matter.

Ladies, what circumstances lead to you friend zoning a guy?

Ugh, friend zoning is the worst. It makes me feel like a heartless wench. You never want to do it, but sometimes you just have to. In my experience, it happens when I am just not attracted to someone, or their personality just isn’t my type. There is really nothing wrong with you if you get friend zoned, she just isn’t interested in you romantically. Get over it. Don’t be a cry baby if a girl doesn’t like you, because maybe she has a friend who will. – Kayla Haby

I don’t think the friend zone is a result of circumstance. It’s a result of not being attracted to someone, for which, there’s not really a remedy. Girls are sometimes crazy, and enjoy guys for their conversation EVEN IF THEY DON’T WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH THEM, which is why the friend zone can and does continue to exist. Yes, I’ve hooked up with guys who were my “friends first,” but they weren’t really my friends first. There was always some kind of flirtation that just hadn’t been put into action yet. Have I ever suddenly realized I wanted to fuck a guy who I’d previously forgotten even had a penis? No. No I have not. – Veronica Ruckh

Okay, literally all of my friends call me out on friend zoning guys. From the moment I meet you, I will know whether or not you will go into the friend zone. I will instantly friend zone guys that are: super awkward, shy, freakishly nice, unattractive enough to the point where I can’t even envision them naked, can’t hold a conversation, aren’t funny, have suck-ass friends, are a goody-goody, aren’t ambitious and probably won’t go anywhere in life, come off as insecure, could potentially be clingy and needy, etc. etc. As sad as it is to admit, none of my guy friends have made it out of the friend zone. Once you are there, you’re stuck. – Kellie Stritz

If we are friends before a guy tries to make a move, I typically kinda permanently friend zone them mentally to not ruin the friendship. A guy CAN make it out of the friend zone though. Usually when a girl finds out he has a big… smile? – Blonde_boozy

The friend zone is fucking dumb. Honestly, if you’re the type of guy getting friend zoned, you’re not the type of guy fucking girls left and right. Which is fine because ultimately girls end up dating their friends. Give it time and hang out with/in your hand. Your moment will cum. – Rachel Varina

I friend zone guys that I don’t have feelings for. If I had feelings for you, you’d know it. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? The only guy friend I’ve ever wanted to date is my high school best friend who just recently came out. So, that explains a lot. – Premed Donna

I guess I would probably friend zone a guy if I didn’t want to bang him but he was a chill enough guy to where I still wanted to hang out. One or two have made it out, but 0/10, wouldn’t recommend. It’s hard to stay good friends once you’ve seen someone’s O-face. – Lucky Jo

I don’t have a ton of close platonic guy friends, so if I develop a strong friendship with a guy, I won’t normally do anything to jeopardize that. As far as friend zoning a guy, if he’s too accommodating or just trying too hard in general, I could never be with him. Also, if he uses more hair products than I do, no matter how great a guy, that’s an instant friend zone. I always need to have the best hair in any relationship. – ChampagneShowers

I guess that it’s mostly based on physical attraction for me. I really like having guy friends because my dad and I were so close when I was growing up. I miss him when I’m at school so it’s nice to be able to go to a guy’s house and just watch a basketball game or talk about stuff and get a male perspective. When I first meet a guy, I decide pretty much instantly what I want the relationship to be. But a great personality, at least for me, can lead to physical attraction. It is way more important to me that you’re a stand-up guy and can make me laugh than that you look like Matthew McConaughey. – lindeliciousss

For me, it’s less about circumstances, and more about the vibe. I can generally tell pretty quickly if I am going to get the feels for someone or not, and if not, off to the friend zone they go. The only circumstance that I can think of when I would put a guy in the friend zone when he may not belong there is if I am crushing hard on someone else at the moment, and I am oblivious to new guy’s charms. He may make it out of the zone once my blinders regarding the other dude are off, but that’s pretty rare — although the whole “we were friends first and then fell in love” thing is a very romantic story to tell your friends/future grandchildren. – 2NOTbrokegirls

I don’t think I’ve ever friend zoned someone I thought I could have feelings for. I pretty much know off the bat if I like you as more than a friend, and those feelings don’t tend to budge. – Rachel Page

I friend zone a guy when the mere thought of their naked body touching mine makes me physically ill. Whether it be because they are aesthetically nauseating or they are a beer-chugging cesspool of STDs, if there is no physical attraction, it’s hard to get past that. In third grade, I friend zoned my neighbor in my diary. Image 1-20-16 at 8.07 PM We go to the same college and we’re still friends today – Srat_Bro

Poor Jimmy…

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Jared Borislow

Jared Borislow (né The DeVry Guy) is a Senior Writer for Grandex Inc and a 2015 graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

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