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Girls Tell All: What Do Guys Need To Stop Doing?

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Girls Tell All

Believe it or not, girls don’t love everything about guys. While our constant farting, belching, and cumming might, to us, seem almost pheromonal, they actually have quite the opposite effect on women… unless you meet a girl who’s down with all that, in which case lock her down like you’re transporting King Kong from Skull Island to NYC.

Yes, there are things women want to change about men. And I made it my goal to find out what those things are.

Ladies, what do guys need to stop doing?

Expecting to smash the first time you meet a chick. One night stands are cool sometimes, but not every girl wants to drop her panties when she first meets you. Stop expecting that. If it happens, it happens. But don’t get mad when it doesn’t. – Kellie Stritz

Constantly complimenting me. Seriously, you are giving me confidence I don’t even need. – Ali Hinman

I suppose guys need to stop doing what a lot of girls do too: stop being so vague about want you want. Just be straight up. Let us know. It’s probably going to work out better for you in the long run that way. – Rachel Page

Stop acting like you’re never wrong in a fight. Sure, sometimes I may just be crazy, but maybe once admit that you were just an asshole. – PlattyBlonde

Oh my God, I could write a novel. Stop adjusting your dicks in public, stop spitting tobacco into clear cups, stop throwing up gang signs in photos, stop hogging the fucking bed, but most of all stop pushing girls head’s down when you want a BJ. I literally cannot emphasize that last one enough. Contrary to popular belief, all girls don’t have IQs below 70. You don’t need to aggressively push down on her perfectly teased hair to let her know you want her to go down on you. She already knows. If a girl wants to S your D, she will. She doesn’t need you to rub her head like she’s your frat hound to persuade her to give you what you want. Ultimately, the only thing you’re doing is pissing her off and messing up her hair and makeup. If you are totally adamant about non-verbally cuing a girl to go down on you, lead by example. You go first and she’ll likely follow. – Blonde_boozy

For the love of God, stop calling yourselves “daddy.” – Cristina Montemayor

Guys need to stop trying to get out of wearing condoms. I literally get so salty about this. It’s easy because you guys get no consequences from it, but we get seriously fucked up from taking Plan B. Or, even worse, we get really screwed over when we become a mom nine months later. And please don’t attempt to give us shit for missing the pill, because I doubt you all can even remember to take your vitamins. – PSLsandPearls

Using my elliptical at the gym. – Shannon Layne

Ghosting. Seriously, grow a pair and just tell her you aren’t interested. If you want to be a total pussy, do it via text and then block her number, but at least have the balls to tell her. You’ll save her a lot of anxiety and you a lot of unsolicited texts. – 2NOTbrokegirls

Lying. If we’re being honest, girls very rarely ask questions they don’t already know the answer to. And it’s not even like half the time the things you all lie about are even worthy of a lie, so just tell the truth. It’s honestly just either in the long run, I promise. – ChampagneShowers

Thinking chivalry is dead. If you open a door for me, order for me at a restaurant, or compliment me during daylight hours, your chances of touching my boobs just skyrocketed. – Drunk but not in love

Being insecure. I’m definitely not saying you should be cocky. But if you don’t think you deserve to be with her, she won’t think you deserve to be with her, either. – Lucky Jo

Pulling out their penises (peni?) all the time and just thinking it’ll get sucked. Like yes. I see you have a boner. But we’re at the grocery store and this produce guy isn’t too happy about seeing your sausage. Just keep it in your pants and let us come to you. – Rachel Varina

Guys need to stop thinking that one, every girl they’re friends with is secretly into them, and two, that every girl they come into contact with is seeking a relationship. Both are often false and awkward to deal with. – Anonymous

Striving for the “dad bod.” Seriously, gym hours are required during pledgeship. Why does that suddenly stop being a thing?! – Blue-eyed-blondie

What do guys need to stop doing? GHOSTING. If you realize a few weeks or months in that you just aren’t into her anymore, TELL HER. Ending things amicably is the best thing you can do. Don’t be a douche. – Kayla Haby

Yeah, I’ll get to all that in a little bit. Daddy’s gotta adjust his crotch before this condom-less one night stand first (I’m gonna ghost her directly afterwards).

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Jared Borislow

Jared Borislow (né The DeVry Guy) is a Senior Writer for Grandex Inc and a 2015 graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

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