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Girls Tell All: What Hints Do Guys Never Pick Up On?

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Girls Tell All

When guys think of flirting, they usually think of it as a one-way street: dudes hitting on chicks. Guys inquiring about peeing in females’ fartholes on Tinder. Or men asking if they can plop their nutsacks into a woman’s cobbler gobbler. Strictly that kinda stuff.

Well, guess what? Girls flirt, too, apparently. Crazy, I know, but I guess it’s real, and men everywhere aren’t picking up on it when it happens because they don’t even know it exists. How can you identify female flirtation? We asked the girls for some help.

Ladies, what are little hints that you give to show you’re interested in a guy that they don’t normally pick up on?

If I want to hang out with you, I am into you. I feel like that shouldn’t be a NEWS FLASH or a “little hint,” but guys are fucking idiots. You text a girl “what are you up to?” and she says “oh nothing just at home!” that is code for “I want to hang out, so invite me to do something before I move on to a guy with an actual set of balls.” It isn’t difficult. Be better. – Kayla Haby

My biggest fear in life is a guy thinking I like him more than (or even as much as) I do, so I don’t give a ton of signals, and to their knowledge, I put in as little effort as possible. But I’ve developed two weird rules that I swear work. 1) If I like a guy, I will not sleep with him — not because I want to make him think I’m some virginal angel, but because I want to find out if he likes me back. A guy who likes you will wait longer than a guy who doesn’t. If I don’t give a shit about it going anywhere, I’m more willing to get mine, because I don’t care if he texts me later. It seems counter-intuitive to only sleep with guys you don’t like, but it makes sense if you think about it. 2) If I like a guy, I will text him first every fourth time we text. I want him to almost be doubting himself because he’s reached out to me so many times, then when he’s all but given up on himself, give him some hope. – Veronica Ruckh

I’m an extremely flirtatious human being, so if a guy can’t pick up that I’m interested in them, they are a literal dipshit that earned a ticket into the friendzone. One way you can tell if I am interested is if I am actually responding to your texts because I am usually that bitch that ignores people. – Kellie Stritz

SARCASM! When I like a guy or feel comfortable around him, I up the sass level. I know this is something a ton of girls do that goes totally over a guy’s head. They see us as bitches when the reality is we are trying to get their attention. There is nothing more flirtatious than mutual sassy banter. – Blonde_boozy

For girls it’s so easy. Honestly, we can most likely fuck almost any guy if we really wanted to. But if I wanted to date him? I think it’s just a matter of being friends. I know it sounds painful, and it is. But if we can hangout during the day, play some cheesy board games, and genuinely laugh at each other’s jokes? That’s the good stuff. Plus, if she bakes for you or blows you, she likes you. Trust me on that one. – Rachel Varina

Guys are pretty good at picking up on my hints that I’m interested. The ones I have problems with are when I’m not interested. – Premed Donna

Hm. I don’t know. I’m not a really subtle person. If I’m interested in a guy, he probably knows it. – Lucky Jo

Besides the usual ones, like touching his arm or laughing at his (stupid) jokes, I tend to play with my necklace, touch my collarbone, or twirl my hair absentmindedly when I’m talking to a guy I’m into. Don’t confuse that with a girl picking her split ends or playing with her cuticles. If any girl is doing that when you’re talking to her, it means she would rather be anywhere but there. – ChampagneShowers

Omg I’m so bad at flirting. Probably every hint I give. Just kidding, but I guess I just use a lot of eye contact or look for an opportunity to touch them and linger. Most of the time, honestly I will just wait for the guy to make the first move and then if I’m interested, I’ll reciprocate. I really should work on my game, but I have a lot of respect for guys because they have to put themselves out there a lot more. – lindeliciousss

I’m all about heavy eye contact and arm touching. I think I read that in Cosmo. I also do this this thing where I squint my eyes a little bit. In my head it adds a little sparkle, but it probably just looks like I’m having an aneurysm. – Ali Hinman

I’m the worst at little hints – if I were a superhero, I would be Captain Obvious. I’ve accepted this fate and as a result, I’m pretty up front – if I like you, you know it, and if you aren’t interested, cool – moving on. That being said, I think eye contact is a big one when you are out. Girls have to work really hard to perfect eye contact – the exact right amount that conveys “I think you’re cute, come talk to me and maybe take me home” and not “I’m a crazy stalker.” If it’s a girl you already know, I think it’s more about the attention she pays you. Is she texting more than normal? Showing up to help with your philanthropy? Bringing all of her friends to see your intramural football game or to see you do stand-up for the first time? All of those could be marks that she’s a good friend, or it could be that she’s into you. Hell, I don’t know. If I did, I wouldn’t be single. – 2NOTbrokegirls

If I’m making prolonged eye contact while talking to you, chances are I’m interested. If I’m talking to you, I’m probably interested. – Rachel Page

Nah, I still think it doesn’t exist.

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Jared Borislow

Jared Borislow (né The DeVry Guy) is a Senior Writer for Grandex Inc and a 2015 graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

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