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Girls Tell All: What Makes A Guy Unattractive?

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Girls Tell All

In the last “Girls Tell All,” we were enlightened as to what guys can do to make girls more attracted to them. In this edition, it’s time to explore the opposite: what do guys do that makes girls immediately give them the real-life left swipe? Prepare yourselves, because you’ll almost assuredly see a few of your character traits mentioned.

Ladies, what are your biggest turn-offs?

Wearing jeans and flip-flops. Unless we are at the beach, wear a real fucking pair of shoes. Sandals are not real shoes. Stop. I also hate girly looking pretty boy dudes. Grow some scruff and stop wearing v-necks. Furthermore, it’s super odd to me when guys have a TON of followers on instagram. Total red flag. No one wants to date the guy who has 100+ random chicks liking and commenting on all of his pictures with heart eye emojis trying to get his attention. It’s just gross. – Kayla Haby

Bad shoes, tbh. Something about a guy’s shoe game tells me everything I need to know about a guy. – Veronica Ruckh

Apparel. If a guy is wearing cargos I’ll want to take them off, and not in a sexual way. I also really hate when guys just randomly whip out their dick. There’s no need to be so eager. Being trashy, childish, or a total douche are obvious turn-offs as well. But the biggest turn-off? Clinginess. Dear God, I don’t want to get out of the shower with 5 texts and 2 missed calls from you. – Kellie Stritz

Truly obnoxious guys are always a turn-off. If you have to be the loudest, most noticed person in all situations, it’s like a flashing sign saying “I’m insecure.” – Anonymous

It’s a super big turn-off when you go to a guy’s house and he has a messy room. It’s kind of a double standard because most girls I know (myself possibly included) always have clothes on the floor and unmade beds, but my first impression when I see a guy with a messy room is “if he doesn’t take the time to clean his room what else is he forgetting to clean?” – Blonde_boozy

Bad spelling and grammar. Most facial hair. And taking your pants off before your shirt (see also: keeping your socks on during sex). Shit’s freaky. – Rachel Varina

Having bad teeth and/or being an obsessive video gamer. – Premed Donna

Not being able to hold their liquor, male bimbos, and bad tippers. – Lucky Jo

Along the same lines as before, laziness is a huge turn-off. We all have lazy days, that’s fine, but guys shouldn’t be unmotivated. Also, bad teeth or bad shoes. Both are only something a girl notices if they’re really bad or (rarely) if they’re really good. – ChampagneShowers

I don’t fuck with guys who have zero drive. Like, I get that you’re in college and trying to have hella fun before you graduate, but eventually you are going to graduate. If you’ve spent four years doing nothing but blacking out, are you moving back in with your parents and getting a job at Subway? I can’t tell you how many guys I’ve talked to that have all these big ideas and goals for their future but no plan whatsoever for how they’re going to get there. I’m not saying don’t black out; I’m just saying you should be able to black out and still maintain a high GPA. Also don’t have long hair. Or text me all the time. I’m busy, you’re busy, the world won’t stop turning if I don’t update you on how my day is going. – lindeliciousss

If he doesn’t eat pussy, then he is one. If you expect me to put that fleshy hose that has been stuck to your balls all day in my mouth, then I expect a little reciprocation. Get to smoochin’ on the snooch. – Srat_Bro

Aside from the obvious ones – ignorance, stupidity, racism, lack of the basics of personal hygiene? Complete and utter sloppiness on a regular basis. Now, I’m cool with the “haven’t shaved in a few days/wearing sweatpants” look – that can actually be pretty hot when done right. But when that’s your standard uniform, I’m going to think that you have zero ambition, and I’m not in the market for a dude that’s going to make me always pay the bill at Chipotle, much less make it look like I’m buying lunch for a homeless person because he hasn’t changed his shirt in three days. – 2NOTbrokegirls

The second the word “sweetie,” “honey,” or “baby” comes out of your mouth I’m ouuuuut. – Rachel Page

Jesus. I had absolutely no idea wearing good shoes was so important. Case and point, I wore the same disgusting, ratty Sperrys like five days a week from the beginning of sophomore year until my graduation (I even took a shot out of them once). That might explain why I was single for the majority of college.

Or, more likely, my bachelor status was a direct result of me doing stuff like this on the reg.

I don’t know, though. Nobody said anything about taking shots of a wringed-out bar rag being a turn-off, though, so I might be in the clear on that front. Yeah, it was probably just the shoes.

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Jared Borislow

Jared Borislow (né The DeVry Guy) is a Senior Writer for Grandex Inc and a 2015 graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

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