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Girls Tell All: What Makes You Attracted To A Guy?

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Girls Tell All

Too often, we do something we think will impress a girl that actually ends with massive disappointment on our end. Girls like getting drunk, right? But replace the wine in their wine bong with Everclear mixed with red food coloring and suddenly you’re “the scum of the earth.” I just don’t get it.

Luckily, we have thirteen girls here to tell you about their biggest turn-ons.

What makes you lovely ladies attracted to a guy?

I love a man who wears nice shoes. For some reason I look down at a guy’s feet before I look at their face. Does this make me shallow? Probably. But I’m not fucking with a guy wearing jeans and flip-flops… or Toms. Just no. I also really like when a guy smells good, and you know he actually cares about smelling good. Meaning he spends money on good cologne and doesn’t just rely on deodorant, which you should never do. Yeah, cologne can be expensive, but it is worth the investment. Don’t be a cheap ass. Get the good shit and it will pay off. – Kayla Haby

Money. Just kidding. Kind of. There are honestly so many underrated turn-ons. The obvious answer is that he’s funny, and I’m sure all the other ladies will include this in their top three. It’s probably my number one. But there’s so many things a guy can do to make himself instantly hotter without even realizing it. Dressing well. Smelling good. Doing man shit — like grilling, or changing a tire, or carrying my suitcase to the car — you know, the typical gender roles I’m not supposed to speak out on. Another big one for me is being good with kids. Nothing makes a guy more attractive than having a catch with a five-year-old, in a totally non-pedo way. – Veronica Ruckh

I want guys who have a great sense of humor. But I also really love a challenge. You kind of come off as easy and desperate if you don’t give me a chase, and that’s never any fun. The best thing to do is trick me into thinking that you are out of my league, even if you obviously aren’t. That way I feel special that a superior guy is interested in me. Confidence and charm are also sexy AF. And it also wouldn’t hurt to take care of your appearance if you weren’t blessed enough to be born a Zac Efron look-alike with lickable abs. – Kellie Stritz

Am I old if I say intelligence? Not book smart necessarily, but someone who knows what’s going on in the world around them and knows how they feel about it is attractive to me. I love humor, too. I couldn’t be with someone who didn’t make me laugh, but I also couldn’t be with someone whose only opinions on life were face-value from what they read on Twitter. – Anonymous

It is SUCH a turn on when guys smile a lot, especially if they have straight teeth. Sounds like a super small lame thing, but it honestly makes the biggest difference. If a guy doesn’t smile around me I automatically assume he’s unhappy, and I don’t want to waste my time with someone who obviously doesn’t enjoy spending time with me. – Blonde_boozy

A big ol’ dick. I mean, a sense of humor? (But actually a sense of humor, not just some ‘Step Brothers’ movie quotes.) – Rachel Varina

1. A nice, big, white smile. 2. When he can hold an educated conversation with you. 3. When you go to a party together and you’re off with your own friend groups but he winks at you from across the room to let you know he’s still got his mind on you. #floodwarning 4. Guys that study hard but still have fun on the weekends. – Premed Donna

Beards, messy hair, and when they wear those grey drawstring sweatpants. Also, tattoos. Guys with tattoos are instantly ten times hotter. I’ve actually thought a lot about why, and I’ve decided that it all stems back to that middle school emo phase that every girl went through. I can’t be sure if I ever really outgrew mine because I still listen to Limp Bizkit and swoon over sleeved-out GDIs in combat boots. – Lucky Jo

Obviously good looks, but aside from that, passion. A guy is instantly more attractive if they are passionate and if they are career or goal-oriented. A guy doesn’t need to have all the answers, but his life plan should never be to just ‘wing it.’ – ChampagneShowers

To be honest, I really like cocky guys. Not overly so, but guys with confidence in themselves and their convictions. A guy who knows what he likes, wants, and can bring to the table – and doesn’t waiver – is about a thousand times hotter than a guy who will change his opinions depending on who he’s talking to or what he thinks people want to hear. I would also pick a guy that’s a 4 in looks and an 8 in humor over a guy who’s 8 in looks but a 4 in humor every time. And if your favorite movies are Dazed and Confused and Gran Torino we should probably just get married already. – lindeliciousss

Recently, I’ve been really attracted to guys who text me back. Also, well-groomed man buns. – Srat_Bro

This is going to sound so cheesy, but it’s a huge turn-on for me when a guy pays attention. Example: I have one guy friend that noticed the first time we hung out that I always order vodka Sprites at the bar, and now every time we hang out, he never asks me what I want to drink, he just orders it for me. That thoughtfulness (probably coupled with the fact that he never lets me pay for my own drinks) is probably why we wind up hooking up most of the times we hang out. In terms of moves – one guy I know (actually the same guy as above) has a thing when we are at the bar where he puts his hand on the small of my back, runs it down over my butt, and to the back of my thigh. Makes me nuts every time. Fuck, why haven’t I locked him down yet?! – 2NOTbrokegirls

I love a guy that can dominate the conversation. Being attractive really doesn’t hurt either. Also when a guy walks around like he’s the hottest shit ever. “Swag,” some may say. Every girl goes crazy for the guy she doesn’t think she can get. – Rachel Page

Want to get laid? Here seems to be your checklist:

∙Nice smile

∙Cocky AF

∙Sure of yourself

∙Play hard-to-get




∙Massive donger

You can fake almost all of those. For everything else, there’s Mastercard.

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Jared Borislow

Jared Borislow (né The DeVry Guy) is a Senior Writer for Grandex Inc and a 2015 graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

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