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Girls Tell All: What’s Your Favorite Thing About Frat Guys?

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Girls Tell All

“Ladies love me, girls adore me” is much more than just a line from Rob Base and D.J. E-Z Rock’s “It Takes Two” that I frequently misattribute to Lil’ Romeo. It’s also the unofficial motto of your run-of-the-mill fraternity man (or “frat guy,” as most ladies prefer to call us). We’re not sure exactly why (because we know how awful we are), but there is just something about us, some animal magnetism shit, that makes us absolutely irresistible to the fairer sex.

While we may not be sure why chicks dig frat guys, we have some ladies here who can help us try and figure it out.

So, gals — what is your favorite thing about frat guys?

They are fun and know how to have a good time. Now, I didn’t date a lot of fraternity men in college just because my campus Greek life was extremely lame and most of them were either total dorks or just huge douchefucks. I was, however, friends with mostly frat guys, and I always had a good time with the. They really do care about the ladies having a good time. – Kayla Haby

My favorite thing about frat guys is that they generally have what I call “hot guy swag.” Even if they aren’t conventionally hot, they kind of act hot, and that, in turn, makes me think they’re hot. – Veronica Ruckh

I love frat guys because they typically have more fun and generally exhibit more confidence than geeds. – Kellie Stritz

My favorite thing about frat guys is how they treat their friends/brothers – not including pledges, of course. Someone who can have a genuine and fun friendship can usually do the same with other relationships. – Anonymous

My favorite and least favorite thing about frat guys is their charm. Frat guys are notorious players and sweet talkers, and I love it as much as I hate it. It’s always super alluring in the moment, but then I remember they said the same shit to the 6 girls in front of me in line at the bar and suddenly it becomes my least favorite thing about them. – Blonde_boozy

Just their attitude. It’s both my favorite and least favorite thing. It’s disgusting, really. You would never fucking like a guy like that in real life. But in college world? It’s hot AF. The way he doesn’t text you back. The way he’s always sort of tying to get it in your ass, juuuuuust to see if you’ll let him. The way he’s sort of hot, but acts like he’s reallyyyyy hot? It doesn’t fly post-grad, but in college? The selfishness is sort of sexy. Also, shack shirts. – Rachel Varina

My frat guy (fiancé) has the best brothers. I feel more comfortable around them than my own sisters sometimes. They’re seriously some of the best people I know, and they would do anything for me just because. – Premed Donna

My favorite thing about frat guys is that they know how to dress themselves. I know that sounds superficial, but it’s a mark of maturity. No girl is like, “Damn, I really wanna fuck that kid wearing shower sandals and socks.” – Lucky Jo

Across the board, frat guys tend to be more goal-oriented. They also can be a gentleman without being a pussy. Maybe it’s just me, but so many guys try overly hard to be respectful or nice. Like, they try crazy hard to deviate from the strong male archetype because that’s what’s in now? I’m not sure, but there is nothing less sexy than a pushover, which frat guys (thankfully) tend not to be. – ChampagneShowers

My favorite thing about frat guys is that they’re in a fraternity. The pledging process for a lot of guys’ chapters is so much more intense than it is for girls that it isn’t even funny. I like that these guys have found something that they believe in so strongly that they’re willing to go through basically hell to be able to call themselves actives. Brotherhood is so cute. My best guy friend actually told me that I shouldn’t say the word cute when I’m talking about guys anymore, so I guess brotherhood is respectable/commendable/honorable. – lindeliciousss

My favorite thing about frat guys is they know how to fuck shit up. – Srat_Bro

One sexy thing about frat dudes is that they tend to have their priorities straight, which sounds insane about a bunch of guys whose main priority in life is blacking out as often as humanly possible. But that’s the main priority for most college guys, and guys in a frat at least have the additional responsibilities of frat life, which means they have to semi have their shit together to get everything accomplished. Oh, and they seemingly wear a lot of backwards hats, which I am obsessed with. – 2NOTbrokegirls

Each frat guy I’ve met is wildly different, so it’s hard to categorize a vague “frat guy.” But I guess my favorite thing is that they always have a pregame, or a party, or a social, so you don’t have to worry about being bored. – Rachel Page

I’m kinda mad none of them mentioned that they love how we leave one bathroom in the house nice and clean for them. It’s like, why bother then?

Get ready for the next edition of Girls Tell All, where we’ll find out what the girls’ least favorite thing about frat guys is.

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