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Grandex Inc. Releases Fratty Bird, The Frattest iPhone Game Of All Time

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Finally there’s a pixelated bird with an extremely poor choice of flight plan that the fraternity man can respect. Move over, Flappy Bird, you NF pussy creep GDI bird. Fratty Bird is here now, and instead of navigating what appears to be an oddly designed sewage plant on the edge of a city, Fratty Bird is soaring through Greek Town, throwing power points at his slams and trying to fly straight despite a severe case of “morning drunk” (which is why he sucks so badly at flying in the first place, obviously).

From Grandex Inc., the makers of Total Frat Move, Total Sorority Move, Rowdy Gentleman, and Post Grad Problems, comes the newest, and frattest, iPhone game: Fratty Bird. We’re not going to bullshit you, it’s basically just like the original Flappy Bird, except frat, and made in America, so again, frat. The game is simple, you tap the screen to help our frat hero, Fratty Bird, fly through the doric columns that stand between him and what I assume is a frat nest full of his supple breasted robin slams.

Download Fratty Bird for free RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE. Be sure to play it with the sound on, and loud, whenever you’re around GDIs. You’ll understand why after you download it.

And don’t worry, we won’t ever discontinue the game because we can’t handle money and wild success, that’s a geed move.

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