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Grant Hill Has A Theory On Why Everyone Hates Duke

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Rooting against Duke is like rooting against Soviets or terrorists: if you’re an American it’s easy, and fun. But why, why do we hate Duke? They win a lot, sure, but so does their rival North Carolina. So does Kansas (who for the record, I hate very much). Granted, those are public schools, while Duke is an elite private institution. Certainly there is an anti-elitist element to the hate, but there isn’t nearly the animosity for the historically great Georgetown basketball, or University of Southern California football. There’s just something about Duke. Duke. Gahhh FUCK Duke. The sound just makes you angry.

Duke University basketball alumnus and all-around intelligent guy Grant Hill has a theory. In an interview with Bleacher Report the former Duke and NBA star shared why he believes the country hates Duke.

I played with Bobby Hurley and Christian Laettner, and they were despised when we went on the road,” Hill smiled. “But you look into the crowd and it was nothing but white students at the games, so it was white on white hate. It’s sad.

If you watch the video, it’s clear Hill was actually joking about the whole “white on white hate” thing, but it’s sort of true. Grant Hill is by far the most accomplished player in Duke’s history, but when you think Duke, and more importantly, Duke hate, you think about guys like JJ Reddick and Christian Laettner. Though, to be fair, it’s pretty easy to hate this face:


The white on white Duke hate theory doesn’t hold up though. The college basketball loving public, most of which is white dudes, love the white, scrappy, cornfed teams like Butler, Northern Iowa, Creighton, and Gonzaga. White guys go nuts for those white guys. “They’re so slow, short, and average looking! JUST LIKE ME!”

In reality the reason people hate Duke is because Duke recruits assholes, most of whom happen to be white.

[via Bleacher Report]

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