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Guys Anonymously Admit What Makes Them Cry, And I Bet This Stuff Would Make You Cry Too

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You all act like big, tough guys, but when we peel you back, layer by layer, it’s obvious that you guys are nothing more than a bunch of sensitive, feelings-driven pussies.

When was the last time you cried?

“When Obummer won the presidency.”

Yeah, right dude. I’m positive you’ve all probably teared up since then. I know the last time I saw a grown man cry: it was my cousin after he heard the news about Joe Paterno dying. Men are in no way immune to tears, as evidenced by the Reddit thread below.

The question posed: “Men, what makes you cry?”

Here are some of the best answers, via Reddit:

Whenever my wife cries. It always has an effect on me, and I don’t want her to have to cry alone. It’s really sad for me.

Depends what she is crying about, but I agree.

Seeing my dad cry. Seeing your dad cry is one of the saddest things ever.

Aw fuck, who is chopping onions in here??

Having to put my dog down. I weeped like a bitch.

Putting your dog down is like losing a sibling. It’s awful.

Cruelty combined with unfairness.

Too broad for me.

When Forest Gump asks if his son is like him.

Wow. GREAT scene.

The scene in Interstellar when they come back from Water World and Coop watches all of the video messages waiting for him.

Yeah, that scene gets me too, until my Aggie friend replaced all of the memories with “what happened to Texas football while you in space.”

The fact that the person I’ve loved the most in my life abandoned me for someone else.

…. Fuck.

Blackhawk Down, it’s Titanic for men.

“Titanic for men” is how I will forever describe this film now.

When the dog dies in a movie. Never really upset about the people, but man, dogs dying just really tears me apart.

Why do the dogs always have to die? Why can’t the cats die?

First ten minutes of Up

If Up doesn’t emotionally challenge you, you aren’t a real man.

Rudy. You make that tackle you little bastard.

The real Rudy would probably disappoint you then, bud.

Getting kicked in the balls

Yeah, but that’s more because of the pain.

There you have it. Men are nothing but emotional fucking crybabies — especially at a movie theater. Here, enjoy the movie scene that always makes me tear up:

To read more of this glorious thread, click HERE.

[via Reddit]

Image via YouTube

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