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Guy’s Face Gets Slashed With Broken Beer Bottle At Georgia Tech KA House

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I always just thought broken beer bottle fights occurred in the movies, and even then they’re usually only used to smash over heads in barroom brawls. Using a broken bottle as a knife-like weapon, though, that is a whole different level of aggression. It shows intent to take someone down, like intensive care unit type stuff. That’s exactly what occurred at the Kappa Alpha Order house on the campus of Georgia Tech early on Friday morning.

A fraternity party turned violent when a person suffered a facial laceration during a fight. The incident happened during the early hours of Friday, Feb. 22 when according to the police report, “a person was cut on the cheek with a broken beer bottle.”

Holy shit. Guy was going for the face, too. If you’re heated to the point where you start swinging a weapon like that, you either: A) Need to stop drinking and attend anger management before you kill someone, or B) Better have a rock solid reason for doing so, like an eye-for-an-eye kind of reason.

So, considering what you know at this point: fraternity house fight between presumably two fraternity brothers, broken beer bottle weapon, sliced up face — what would you guess is the cause of this? In my opinion, nothing short of an extracurricular “house tour” with a fraternity brother’s mother during Mom’s weekend would justify an action even remotely close to this.

So, what was the cause?

The incident occurred at 801 Techwood Drive inside the Kappa Alpha fraternity house. The two individuals who engaged in the fight were both Tech students who live off campus. According to the police report, both individuals had been drinking and a fight broke out between the two regarding a text from a girl.

A text message from a girl? C’mon, man.

[via Midtown Patch]

Image via Brew Brothers


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