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GWU Sorority That Was Kicked Off For “Lesbian” Hazing Is Reinstated, Immediately Hazes And Gets Suspended Again

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Fraternity hazing tends to be as varied as the many sick minds who populate fraternity houses across the country. While there are the old standbys, though I’m not sure why watching 18-year-olds walk in circles with one hand on a bro’s cock is a standby, each fraternity still has their own special little rituals and trials. The fraternal hazing spectrum is like a kaleidoscope of shame and lighthearted torture. Sorority hazing, meanwhile, is generally uncreative. I only really ever hear about one of a few things:

– Lesbian stuff
– Circling fat
Dazed and Confused style new member shaming
– Bare knuckle new member fight club*

*Editor’s Note: Just kidding. If only…

George Washington University’s Sigma Delta Tau chapter seems to fall under all of those categories, save for the last one. Though, they are apparently so fond of hazing their new members that maybe it isn’t out of the question, and, if it isn’t, how do I score tickets to this event so that I can sit in a large chair, silently puffing on a cigar and placing bets? Regardless, SDT got caught hazing, literally right after they were reinstated at GWU, after previously losing their good standing for, you guessed it, hazing.

From the GW Hatchet:

In a joint statement, Associate Dean of Students Tim Miller and Gabriel Slifka, director of the office of Student Rights and Responsibility, said the University is working with Sigma Delta Tau’s national organization to “conduct a prompt and thorough inquiry” of the hazing allegations, which violate University and Sigma Delta Tau’s national policies.

Pretty standard hazing response. However, when pressed to explain exactly what SDT did, the GWU administration wasn’t so keen on giving details.

University officials declined to provide any further information, such as details of the alleged hazing incident, how many members were involved and how the University learned about the incident.

Fortunately for you, dear readers, a tipster sent us the (totally unconfirmed) details of SDT’s latest hazing incident, and some background on this naughty, naughty chapter.

Hazing scandal at SDT at GWU. Chapter on Probation with new members not being initiated. Just got an on campus house back for hazing in 2006, when they made girls watch lesbain [sic] porn on newspapers and stand naked on dryers while guys circle fat. This time it is blindfolding pledges, taking them to a field, forcing them to the ground to scream insults at them then leaving them to find their way home. SDT National president and officers holding meetings and hearings on campus with PanHel and SDT sisters. Many may have to disaffiliate for a semester at least.

I won’t lie, the first thing that came to mind when I read this tip was that I hoped “lesbain” porn, as the tipster misspelled it, meant that the SDT sisters made the new members watch two chicks dressed up like Bane go to town on each other. Sadly, The Dark Knight Rises had not yet been released in 2006, and no one wants to remember Batman and Robin. Still, the line, “Mmmmm you think muff is your ally? You merely adopted the muff, I was BORN in it, MOLDED by it,” would be the greatest lesbian porno line of all time.

That disturbing glimpse into what I like to see in my girl on girl erotica aside, the claims above are supposedly what GWU isn’t disclosing about this latest SDT hazing scandal. I don’t know if it’s true, I just know I’m spending the rest of my day looking for Bane porn.

[via The GW Hatchet]


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