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Hazing Details Are Finally Coming Out Of Miami University, At Least 12 Fraternities Under Investigation

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On Wednesday, the rumor mill out of Miami University was churning out everything from pledges getting the Jose Cuervo Guantanamo treatment — being water boarded with tequila — to kids getting tased, drinking themselves into comas, being airlifted off campus, flatlining, being brought back to life, tased again, water boarded, and airlifted back to the hospital. It was utterly ridiculous. Our tip line made Oxford seem like it was the damn Greek Purge where fraternities were just wandering around campus with paddles and beer bongs in hand, seeking out any kid with a pledge pin to haze the balls off of in their own front yards, and playing a sadistic game of chicken, one-upping each other to see just how far they could go before killing some poor bastard.

With the university and IFC keeping quiet throughout the majority of the day after mandating that all fraternities cease their new member education by this Sunday — originally — only to move it up to Friday (today) without going into much detail as to why, speculation ran rampant and spiraled into one giant clusterfuck of accusations. When they did release official statements, it really clarified nothing at all and added fuel to the Yik Yak induced fire.

Thankfully today, the deadline to complete pledgeship, school records are finally starting to come out, revealing what actually led to the new member moratorium, and it’s honestly a real let down.

From The Miami Student:

An emergency closed-door meeting of Miami’s fraternity presidents Tuesday night sparked campus-wide rumors of hazing and brought attention to the university’s investigations of at least 12 fraternities — half of the university’s recognized chapters — and two sororities.

Of the nine organizations for which The Student received disciplinary records, four were accused of hazing — Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Phi Epsilon.

It is unclear at this time why the university did not release records for the other fraternities it says it is investigating.

After a hearing, the university found Phi Kappa Tau responsible for hazing — pledges were allegedly cleaning the rooms of fraternity members. Then, according to records, Curme informed the organization’s president, junior Robert Nigro, on Feb. 23 that the university received another report of hazing, beginning a new investigation of the fraternity.

Records show that Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) pledges are alleged to have been forced to “stay out all night and not return to their residence halls.” The fraternity had until Feb. 22 to appeal this alleged hazing violation, but it is unclear whether it has chosen to do so.

On Jan. 25, it was reported that a Sigma Phi Epsilon member invited people to his house to “help haze the new pledges.” After an investigation, the university was unable to prove this anonymous tip and the charges were dropped.

However, records show the university received another report that the chapter was hazing pledges and, just Wednesday, notified the president of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Michael Suponcic, that the fraternity would again be placed on suspension while allegations were investigated.

Hazing allegations against Phi Delta Theta were dismissed yesterday.

The university did dispel some of the swirling rumors, many of which were perpetuated through anonymous social media sites like Yik Yak.

Carole Johnson, university spokesperson, said she had not been informed of a student “flatlining” at the hospital as a result of alcohol consumption, nor had she heard of pledges being waterboarded.

So this is what shut down every fraternity on campus’ pledging process? This is it? Some house cleanup, a couple college-aged dudes going out late night and not returning to their dorms, and a case that was eventually dropped? I’m not buying it. I NEED to know what those other chapters whose records weren’t released were doing, because I’m not seeing any wrongdoing here.

Like did those other chapters perform some type of “Temple Of Doom” sacrificial ritual ripping the hearts out of pledges’ chests or what? Because otherwise it just seems like certain administrators may be gunning for Greek life at “The Mother of Fraternities.” No reason to not deal with these petty allegations separately and keep the majority of chapters out of this whole mess.

[via The Miami Student]

Image via Youtube

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