Here Is The Damning Lehigh University AXO Scavenger Hunt List

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Thanks to some high-quality people out there, we’ve obtained photo evidence of the road rally scavenger hunt list that got Lehigh University’s Alpha Chi Omega booted from campus until 2020.

I think you’ll find the list rather “Typical Tuesday Night”-ish.

Let’s go over some of the highlights:

49. Juul into each others mouths.
Analysis: That’s an easy one point right there. Hell, you can honestly keep your point.

51. Sing into a penis like a microphone.
Analysis: I’d be incredibly confused yet still aroused should this ever happen to me. 10 points seems fair.

63. Hook up with a fifth year.
Analysis: Hey, fifth years need lovin’ too. Boost that to 20 points.

65. Ski pole two boys.
Analysis: Ah, the truest of ways to become eskimo brothers.

68. Hook up with a boy from a love triangle you have been in.
Analysis: Oh, so our emotions are only worth five points to you now?

71. Put two dicks in your mouth at the same time.
Analysis: Um…how and why? Also, why are we at-ing Leah here? Also, is Leah free this coming Friday night?

73. Flash Michael Brodsky.
Analysis: Michael Fuckin’ Brodsky. The man, the myth, the fuckin’ legend.

Good to see everyone followed the rules laid out on the bottom of the page there. Not only did you get caught, but people found the list and now it’s on TFM. Honestly, if you’re gonna go out, that’s the best way to do it. For example, I plan on dying at age 81 because I flipped my goddamn Lambo going 100 mph down the highway. That’s going out in the blaze of glory 101.

Best of luck, AXO. Never give up on your scavenger hunt. Let me know what Leah’s up to this weekend.

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