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Here’s a RIDICULOUS Video Of Anthony Davis Naked And Getting Hazed In The University of Kentucky Locker Room

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How about a little sports gayzing to liven up your Monday?

Over the weekend, a video surfaced of current New Orleans Pelican and former Kentucky Wildcat Anthony Davis, he being Kentucky’s unibrowed champion, laying naked on the floor of a locker room (purportedly Kentucky’s locker room), while being spanked by an unidentified player as he reacts in maybe the most ridiculous way possible. Can we call it hazing if it’s clear that he loves it? Watch the video and see for yourself.

If you’re asking yourself, “What the fuck did I just watch?” then you aren’t alone, because that’s exactly what I thought. I’m not sure how that game of grab ass started, but it’s good to see that even highly paid athletes, ahem, I mean amateur student-athletes, can have a little fun. Though I cannot identify the player spanking Anthony Davis (that’s something I apparently just wrote), it seems like this is some good natured freshman hazing. It’s pretty obvious Davis isn’t exactly suffering. More like reveling, really.

Sports hazing is a hot topic right now, with Richie Incognito going all angry redneck on Jonathan Martin, but lumping this video in with Incognito’s racial slur, as well the aggressively explicit details of what he planned to do to Martin’s sister (spoiler alert: ejaculate inside of her private areas), would just be dumb. This video is far closer to baseball rookies dressing up like mermaids or something than it is to Incognito’s racist ‘roid rage.

According to reports, the Vine was uploaded by a Louisville fan. Aren’t rivalries the best? Some might be skeptical of the video’s authenticity, since Vine wasn’t even invented when Davis was at UK, but it’s clear that this Vine is filming a video playing on a monitor.

Some might wonder if this video would make a recruit think twice about UK, especially a recruit on the fence. To that, I assume, Coach Cal simply laughs as he fills a duffel bag with money and throws it in the back of a new Range Rover with a 19-year-old UK girl in the passenger seat. God I love Coach Cal, that sleaze. Either way, if I’m Bill Self, Rick Pitino, Tom Izzo or whoever else, I’m totally emailing that video to all the five stars on my mailing list.


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