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Here’s How To Get Out Of The Dreaded Friend Zone

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Apparently, there are still dudes out there in the world finding themselves in the friend zone. Luckily for them, science has apparently cracked the code to get those poor shmucks out of it, and it doesn’t involve paying large amounts of money to Amanda on the corner of Harry Hines to suck you off and, maybe if you’re lucky, throw in a free ZJ.

From Psychology Today:

In a recent paper, Edward LeMay and Noah Wolf claim that falsely projecting your own romantic desires onto a friend may give you the confidence to pursue that friend by flirting, having more physical contact, or even expressing your desires. This kind of behavior can put into play a self-fulling prophecy. A self-fulfilling prophecy is when your attitudes toward a person ultimately cause that person to behave in a way consistent with your expectations due to the way you treat that person.

There are two links in the self-fulfilling prophecy chain:

1. Your expectations lead you to treat someone differently.
2. That person changes their behavior due to your treatment of them.

Who would’ve known that not being a pussy is a great way to not get sent into the friend zone? Real groundbreaking stuff here. Just show that you’re actually digging the girl with the nice rack and maybe, just maybe, she won’t put you in the zone. The paper went on to say that the girl has to think you’re a good catch in order for this to work, so don’t force it.

Want a foolproof way to never get put into the friend zone? Here’s what you do:

1) Pretend like you’re listening to what a girl is saying.
2) Nod your head and hand her a drink.
3) Lead her back to your house to bang.

This method has never failed and never will. You’re welcome.

[via Psychology Today]

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Harrison Lee

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