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Here’s Video Of Luke Bryan Punching A Guy In The Face, Mid-Song, For Flipping Him Off At A Concert

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I don’t know a lot about Luke Bryan. Many women love him intensely. He makes pop country music, some of which I find catchy and a lot of which I assume people who are boners about “real country music” probably hate with a useless passion. I’d guess he’d be pretty fun to have a beer with too, in no small part because I would end up accidentally having sex thirty seven times simply by virtue of being in the general path of the hordes of women attempting to mount him and ride his dick through the floor.

What I’m trying to say is, he seems like a good enough guy. Plus he reps Sigma Chi pretty hard, so that’s cool.

Apparently, though, someone at one of Bryan’s shows wasn’t a huge fan of the guy. Maybe this dude was drunk, maybe he falls into that “real country music” defender camp, or, more likely, Bryan unwittingly boned every woman he knows, including his wife, nieces, and mother. Whatever it was, this guy decided to flip Bryan the bird from the front row of the Charlie Daniels Volunteer Jam at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday night — because a charity concert is the perfect place to tell an artist to go fuck themselves — and Bryan was having none of it.

It was by no means a haymaker, but you try throwing hands mid-song. Seriously, take a pledge to karaoke and, as best you can, try not to fumble the song while taking a swing at him.* Probably not so easy. All things considered, a solid shot by Bryan. And a mid-concert power move.

Ed. Note: Don’t actually do this.

The guy was then kicked out of the concert, having added injury to whatever insult Bryan had previously laid upon him. (I really hope it was the boning all his female relatives thing. It’s not out of the question.)

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