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Heroic California College Girl Saves 70-Pound Dog From Wildfires By Putting Him On Her Bike Handlebars

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california wildfire dog college girl

In these divisive times, there’s still one thing we can all agree on: we all love dogs. Dogs are magic creatures that bring us together in times of strife and adversity just by being good boys. We love dogs of all types. Big dog? Love ’em. Small dog? Love ’em. Scary dog? Still love ’em. Those “beware of dog” signs never deterred me and never will. Please let me see your dog, guy whose house I’m robbing.

California is on fire, and it’s awful. I’ve been seeing a lot of feel-good stories come out of these wildfires, at least, and a lot of them involve dogs — including the heroic story of Natasha Wallace, who’s a college student at Santa Rosa Junior College, and her dog Bentley.

From YouTube/Inside Edition:

She’s the hero college student who fled the wildfires while carrying her 70 pound dog in a duffle bag on her bike! For the first time, Natasha Wallace is showing the remarkable steps she took to save her beloved dog, Bentley. When the deadly northern California wildfires broke out, many tried to escape in cars, with flames licking dangerously close. Natasha and her dog ended up getting stuck in traffic. Balancing the heavy dog on her bike’s handlebars was truly remarkable.

Glad to hear they’re both okay after Natasha pedaled around with Bentley E.T.-style and Lance Armstronged the fuck away from the flames.

Hollywood, I want you to get on this story NOW. It’s definitely Oscar gold; the heartwarming tale of a girl, her dog, and adversity. Don’t you dare give me Transformers 8; instead, give me Jennifer Lawrence riding off on a bike with her dog to safety.

In the meantime, Wallace set up a GoFundMe page to help her and Bentley because they lost everything in the fire. Pitch in if you can.

[via YouTube/Inside Edition]

Image via Shutterstock

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