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Hot Girl Drops Out Of College And Moves To Syria To Fight ISIS, Says They’re “Easy To Kill”

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I think I’m in love.

Joanna Palani dropped out of college, left her hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark, and flew to Syria to fight alongside the Kurds, where she brought the heat to ISIS as well as President Assad’s forces.

The 22-year-old politics major told VICE about the horrible things she saw on the front lines, like a Swedish soldier who was shot dead right next to her by an ISIS sniper, and children being rounded up for sexual abuse by the violent jihadists.

She also discussed the differences between members of ISIS and President Assad’s fighters — the former are incredibly shootable on the field.

“ISIS fighters are very easy to kill,” she said, laughing. “ISIS fighters are very good at sacrificing their own lives, but Assad’s soldiers are very well-trained and they are specialist killing machines.”

No stranger to shooting a gun, Palani spent much of her time abroad teaching women how to fight, which may be one of the most effective tactics for inspiring fear in jihadists. ISIS religion teaches that if a man is killed by a woman in combat, he will not be awaited by 72 virgins on the other side. Instead, he will burn in hell.

Palani has since returned to Denmark, and has not been permitted to return to Syria and continue where she left off. Denmark now prohibits citizens from traveling to conflict zones as a means of preventing people from joining ISIS.

This girl has huge balls. Over there terrorizing the terrorists. She’s hot, too:

A photo posted by Joanna Palani (@joannapalani2) on

A photo posted by Joanna Palani (@joannapalani2) on

On our way to rojava kobani back in 2014. All sorani kurds. Biji

A photo posted by Joanna Palani (@joannapalani2) on

#danmark #summer2016 #cph #living

A photo posted by Joanna Palani (@joannapalani2) on

Dream girl.

[via VICE]

Image via YouTube

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