Husband Tases Wife Three Times After Winning Football Bet

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Drunk bets are great. Generally hilarious in nature, they almost always have entertaining results. The thing about drunk bets, and really all bets, is if you lose, you can’t be a bitch about it. You have to accept the consequences, pay up, and at least try to laugh it off. Of course, sometimes, like with everything in life, some people decide to be really uncool about the situations they’ve gotten themselves into, and they complain. Nicole Grant is one of those people.

Grant, a Packers fan, was watching a little Monday Night Football with her husband, John Grant, a Bears fan. The husband and wife live together, and I’m not making this up, in a semi truck that also is their place of business. Real classy people. Since they live together in their lovely “home” on wheels, the couple went to Sidelines Tap, a bar in Mayville, Wisconsin, to watch the game. As people generally do when they’re at bars, Mr. and Mrs. Grant had a few drinks.

At some point, Nicole Grant allegedly bet her husband that if Green Bay lost, she’d let him use a taser on her for three seconds. Pretty standard married people stuff here, guys. I mean, I’m not married, but this is what married folks do, right? Get drunk and make bets involving tasers. God, I hope that’s what marriage is like.

Well, as we all know, the Packers lost to Chicago, and as such, the parties involved in the bet had to make good on their ends. Mr. Grant had to use the taser on his wife. Mrs. Grant had to let it happen. Pretty straightforward terms and conditions to this wager. Nothing you’d need to get a lawyer or, I don’t know, the cops, involved in.

At some point, while out smoking cigarettes, Nicole Grant had the taser used on her three times by her husband. Mr. Grant got his wife twice on her ass and once on her thigh. According to a criminal complaint filed later, the taser caused burn marks.

Soon after the incident with the taser, Nicole Grant called the cops and asked them to meet her at Dan’s King Pin, a local bowling alley. As a huge Big Lebowski fan, I like to think she was channeling her inner Sobchak (Fuck it, Dude. Let’s go bowling.) here, but honestly, she was probably just shitfaced and scared. When the police arrived, Grant told an officer what happened, including letting him know that her husband didn’t let her or the dog, who apparently travels around and goes to bars with the couple, back into the truck, then proceeded to tase her.

The police then went to find John Grant. When they met up with him, he told them his side of the story, including that he had bought a few tasers at a truck stop in Virginia. Unbeknownst to him, however, tasers are illegal in Wisconsin. John tried defending his actions to the police, saying that his wife consented to the use of the taser, showed text messages from Nicole’s phone saying she’d let him tase her, and a video in which it looks like she’s laughing while being tased.

We’ve got a confusing story here, guys. You know, a lot of ins, lot of outs, lot of what-have-yous. Definitely a lot of strands to keep in my head. In all, I have to say, I’m on Mr. Grant’s side here. While, yes, the law prohibited the use and possession of a taser, I’m not a judge and this is not a court of law. I’m just talking about the bet here.

The two individuals, Mr. and Mrs. Grant made a bet. Mrs. Grant is pissed that her husband followed through on his end of the deal. Her defense? She didn’t think he’d actually do it. Well, Nicole, it appears your husband is a man of his word, so at least you have that going for you. In my book, the fault is on Mrs. Grant. Mr. Grant was just trying to do what he thought his wife wanted to do. In typical fashion, she just changed her mind after the fact. Typical.

[via Kare 11]

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