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I Just Discovered The Legend Of Shoenice And He’s A Complete Inspiration

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I have quite possibly stumbled upon the greatest YouTube channel in the history of YouTube channels. On Monday, I discovered the wonderful YouTube page of the living legend known as theSHOENICE (or, more commonly, just shoenice), and let’s just say, my life has been changed forever.

I know, I know. As some fellow TFM contributors have pointed out, I’m a little late in the ballgame to this. Still, I feel like it’s my civic duty to give this guy some recognition and alert anyone who doesn’t know about this beast of a human being.

See, I first came across shoenice on LiveLeak. The first vid I clicked on from him was one where he’s announcing his return to the X-rated YouTube site while stuffing an insane amount of Scotch tape into his mouth.

Odd, but not totally next level-type shit. I could tell he had potential, so I wanted to make sure this dude was the real deal. So, I did a bit more digging, and it appears I’ve hit the jackpot. Shoenice, unbeknownst to me, is an absolute savage.

Here he is chugging a half-gallon of Jack Daniels in just over a minute. Yes, a fucking half gallon of Jack Daniels in a mother flippin’ minute.

This right here is why the Olympics need an alcohol chugging competition.

Still not satisfied? What about a half-gallon of vodka just days before?

It’s a medical phenomenon that this dude isn’t dead yet. Absolutely astounding.

Shoenice even has a bit of a rivalry with fellow Youtuber/Liveleaker BIGERN666.

Here’s a video of BIGERN666 chugging half a bottle of Elmer’s glue. It’s cool though because it’s not toxic so nothing bad can possibly happen.

Can’t even make it through the whole bottle. What a puss.

I’m glad shoenice is heading back over for some LiveLeak action. That means even more fucked up shit is in store and the prudes over at YouTube can’t stop it.

Remember: Heroes are remembered, but legends never die… unless, of course, you ingest absurd amounts of poisonous materials.

This man is an inspiration to us all.

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El Taco

Either a war hero or war criminal depending on how you look at it

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