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Idiot Kentucky Fan Got A Premature “2014 National Champions” Tattoo

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The odds of Kentucky winning the National Title this year listed at 40 to 1 on Vegas Insider, but don’t tell that to 22-year-old Tyler Austin Black, an obviously ardent Wildcats supporter.

The 22-year-old machinist said he walked into Vice & Virtue, a tattoo parlor in Berea, Ky., on Thursday and got a tattoo on his right calf that proclaimed the team “Nati9nal Champions,” with the nine signifying what would be the team’s ninth title. A “2014” was tattooed above it.


He’s got to be out of his mind, right?

I mean, it was kind of understandable when that guy got inked up prior to the Seahawks actually winning the Super Bowl this year, because the Seahawks were more than a legitimate contender. But if you ask anyone who watches college basketball regularly, he or she will tell you that the team who started the season ranked as number one has been pretty disappointing, considering the expectations it had bestowed upon it. Kentucky has been a mediocre team all season, going 22-9 with a 12-6 record in the SEC. That’s hardly the kind of game that will win them the Dance this year, let alone see them through to the final four.

Black said he hopes the players see his confidence in their team, and that he hopes his tattoo will give the Wildcats a necessary boost.

“My friends are loving it,” Black said. “They know it’s typical me.”

Black said he has no plan to cover or erase the tattoo should Kentucky not be crowned the victor.

Well, that pretty much sucks that he’s going to be known as the asshole with a tattoo of something that never happened for the rest of his life. His friends don’t sound like the brightest people, either, if they’re supporting Black for this–the artwork isn’t even impressive, for Christ’s sake!

In the off chance that hell freezes over and the Wildcats pull off the unfathomable, I’ll eat my words and be more than happy to reimburse Tyler the full cost of this hideous life decision.

[via ESPN]

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